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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up to start the week but slipped quickly ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. When we typically see a strong buying sentiment among stocks, we saw weakness this year. But the real trouble came after Thanksgiving on Friday where stocks sold off more than 2% across the TSP stock funds. The sell-off was sparked by concerns of a new variant of the covid-19 virus found in South Africa that is thought to be more contagious than other forms. This poses a real threat to the global economy
  2. TSP Talk: Typical holiday action so far

    Several economic reports came out on Wednesday morning and stocks were not looking good when the opening bell rang, but we did see some typical light volume bullish holiday trading afterward and the indices moved up for most of the day and closed at the highs of the day. The Dow closed off the lows but still ended the day with a small loss, but most of the broader indices did well. Small caps led, bonds ...
  3. RevShark's Traditional Thanksgiving Post

    Why I am Thankful For Going Deaf and Losing Everything

    One of the primary lessons I have learned over the years is that positive thinking and an optimistic outlook are the foundation of stock market success. If you want to make money, you have to believe that you can.

    Being grateful is one of the primary ways to cultivate a positive mindset. If you focus on the positives in a situation rather than wallow in self-pity and pessimism, then your chances of success are enhanced. ...
  4. TSP Talk: Turnaround Tuesday made an attempt

    Stocks were mixed on a day that saw the bears show some teeth in the morning, and really push on the small caps and Nasdaq stocks, but there was some turnaround Tuesday action as the indices closed well off the lows, with the Dow (+195) and S&P 500 (+8) closing in positive territory after moderate early losses. The holiday seasonality is in the air after a rough start to the normally ...
  5. TSP Talk: Bulls give up a big early rally

    Stocks were screaming higher at the open on Monday, and as it sometimes goes, emotional Monday morning openings, especially with a gap, can fail. The Dow remained positive but it lost a 300+ intraday gain in the last hour of trading. The S&P 500 saw a similar fate, and the Nasdaq and small caps lagged most of the day. Bonds fell as yields rallied, and the dollar has been unstoppable ...
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