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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were on course to end the weekly losing streak until chaos in the trade war sent stocks falling more than 2% Friday. Stocks held steady at the top of the August trading channel for most of the week. Volatility had dropped and we were seeing minimal movement in equities that had been wild for the first half of August. The focus was on Jerome Powell's speech in Jackson Hole where investors were searching for sign of the Fed's plans in the coming months. Mr. Powell did not guarantee rate cuts ...
  2. Inversion warnning heading into Jackson Hole

    Stocks opened firmly higher on Thursday, but the bulls couldn't hold onto those gains and we saw a quick give back and fall into negative territory by 11 AM ET. The indices fought back for much of the day, moving back into positive territory and nearly reaching the morning highs minutes before the close before encountering a mini rush for the exits in the final minutes of trading. The Dow held onto a 50-point gain but the broader market saw slight to modest losses on the ...
  3. Top o' the range again

    Stocks rallied again in this very choppy environment. The Dow gained 240-points and every sector in the S&P 500 was positive. At this point investors may be looking for some follow-through, whether that's on the upside, or the downside, because it is easy not to trust any particular day's action.

  4. Rally failure, or just a day a rest?

    Stocks ended their 3-day winning streak on another Turnaround Tuesday. We came into the day with more pressure in the market leading FANG stocks after the government reiterated their desire to initiate an antitrust / monopoly investigation on the big tech companies. But the real story was bond yields falling again, and traders have been following the yields almost every day lately, and it was a good excuse to take some profits after the 3-day rally.

  5. Relief rally or is another low in?

    We didn't quite close there, but the Dow was on pace earlier for yet another 300-point move on Monday. Some selling into the close pushed it to a +250-point day, so the triple digit streak continued. It was a 1% plus kind of a day across the board, although midcaps stocks lagged a bit impacting the S-fund, and the dollar was up holding back the I-fund. As I said, we did see some late selling that may have investors nervous heading into today. Bond yields were up, and ...
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