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  1. Stocks getting a little weary

    Stocks were holding up in early trading, but a late morning decline took over and we saw a little defensiveness for the first time in several days. The Dow turned negative near the close and lost 24-points, and the other major indices were fairly mixed with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq down modestly, the small caps (Russell 2000) were flat, although the S-fund was down slightly, and the Transports rallied big.

  2. Quiet day in front of a big earnings week

    Flat, slow, and tired seems to describe the action on Monday. It was one of the most narrow trading ranges in the last year so perhaps the summer doldrums are kicking in, or it is the calm before the 2nd quarter earnings storm rolls in this week. There was a very late tick higher that moved the Dow up about 27-points, while the S&P moved from negative to positive in the last minute of trading and added a half of a point. Small caps were down as their back and forth ...
  3. Dovishness making it tough for investors to sell

    Stocks opened higher on Friday and continued to drift upward all day, and into the close, as if no one was willing to sell. The Dow rallied 245-point and the big three indices all made new all-time highs on the day. Even the recently beaten down Dow Transportation Index popped higher after lagging for several days. Can it continue this week while 2nd quarter earnings start coming in?

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    U.S. stocks were up for the week as the dovish Fed continues to give stock investors what they want. Stocks were down early this week after calculating the strong jobs report would dissuade the Federal Reserve from cutting rates. Rather, Jerome Powell played down the latest economic data and trade progress and signaled the Fed was still likely to cut rates as soon as this month. So with economic outlook not looking so dreadful along with a dovish Fed, stocks continued their rising momentum that ...
  5. Upside momentum heading into next week's earnings

    It was another mixed day for stocks yesterday with the Dow gaining an impressive 228-points, and the S&P 500 adding about 7. Small caps and the Nasdaq were down, but we saw a strong rally in the recently beaten down Transportation Index, although like the small caps, they are still down more than 10% off their highs.

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