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  1. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks started the week off with a sell-off but rebounded and soared higher the rest of the week. All the TSP stock funds were down more than 1% after Monday's action. The C-fund followed up with four straight days of gains and even closed Friday with a new all time high. The new highs and streak of gains were impressive for the C-fund but it was the S-fund that outperformed for the week even with a second day of losses Thursday. Small caps got their boost for the week Tuesday after adding
  3. TSP Talk: A mixed day as small caps lag. Earnings looked good after the bell

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday, and in the case of the larger cap indices, got a little stronger as the day wore on after a weaker than expected weekly jobless claims report. The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all ended the day with modest gains, but those small caps flipped back over and posted a moderate loss. Bonds rallied as yields fell again. The dollar rallied back from an early sell off to hold off the I-fund a bit. Oil was up big for a second straight day. ...
  4. TSP Talk: Day 2 of big rally. Can it continue or is it a fake out?

    Delta variant? Monkeypox? That was so last week. Stocks ran up for a second straight day with gains across the board again (no rotation.) The Dow gained another 286-points on Wednesday on top of Tuesday's 550 point gain. Not a bad two days, but of course that was on the heals of a 726-point loss on Monday. Small caps and the I-fund led on the upside. Oil was up $3 a barrel. Yields rallied again, and the dollar declined so it was a complete reversal of recent ...
  5. TSP Talk: Big rebound may trigger low, but there could be another scare

    Stocks bounce back big on Turnaround Tuesday, and not only did they rebound, the yield on the 10-year Treasury also had a big positive reversal day that may be suggesting a capitulation low for yields - and a peak for bonds. The action was great and it certainly changed investor sentiment, but it is not necessarily a low in stocks yet. The Dow gained 550-points and the small caps led with a gain of over 3% in the Russell 2000, and nearly 3% for the S-fund. The dollar ...
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