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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The bulls held onto this week's Monday rally to close at record highs by the end of the short holiday week. Stocks opened up higher Monday after more positive vaccine news and the Joe Biden choice of Janet Yellen for the Treasury Secretary. Market participants are familiar with Yellen from her time as the Chair of the Federal Reserve where she was known for her dovish outlook and actions. Stocks continued to be bought into Tuesday and held pre-Thanksgiving. Volume was light for the last trading ...
  2. TSP Talk: Over extended market meets positive seasonality

    Stocks were mixed on Wednesday with the Dow and S&P 500 posting modest losses while the Nasdaq and the smalls caps were both up on the day. The Dow ended the day down 174-points.

  3. RevShark's Traditional Thanksgiving Story

    Why I am Thankful That I Went Deaf and Lost Everything

    We all face obstacles in life but with optimism and persistence you can overcome anything

    I am a very lucky person. I make a very good living doing something I enjoy tremendously and I am able to help other people improve their lives as well. I have a great family and people that love me.

    Every year at Thanksgiving I like to share the story of my journey over the past 30 years. Being grateful for what we ...
  4. TSP Talk: Are you afraid of heights?

    Another giant day for stocks on Tuesday as the froth on top of this November rally gets thicker. The melt-up continued as the Dow gained another 455-points, pushing the index above 30,000 for the first time ever. Looking at the intraday charts it looks like no one hit the sell button all day. Of course that's what sends stocks higher, but when it happens we see extremes in many indicators showing that things have gotten too hot, and any bad news would fill the vacuum being created on the downside. ...
  5. Santa is Early - Posted by Coolhand

    Quote Originally Posted by coolhand View Post
    Is this rally real yet? I said a few days ago that my gut said that the market has the potential to get silly to the upside. I'm not saying it's silly yet, but the market seems to be working on it.

    tsp and roth-s-p-500-png
    tsp and roth-dwcpf-png

    Price on the DWCPF hit another all-time high. The S&P hit a fresh closing high. That index may be finally getting ready to break out to the upside.

    tsp and roth-nyad-png
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