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  1. TSP Talk - Double top or breakout?

    Another excellent day for the TSP funds on Friday, whether stocks or bonds, and the S-fund had another one of those returns that would be respectable for a full month -- in one day. The question is whether this is what they call a "blow off top", and a breakout leading to another leg higher? The dollar and yields cooperated by falling lower helping the situation.

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap-Up - The Herd Shifts Toward the G-fund

    The C-fund's weekly winning streak was extended to a fifth week, but it was the dominant performance by the S-fund that stole the show. A rally across the stock market led the C and I-funds to respectable sub 1% gains, meanwhile that same rally propelled the S-fund to a weekly gain of over 3.5%.

    As the S-fund continued its dominance through the end of November and into the new month, TSP Talk AutoTracker members began to sell the small-cap TSP fund. That was mostly true
  3. Stats for December 2023


    Ranking 4th of 64, November 2023 closed up 8.92%. This positive close has finalized our 3-Month losing streak and closed us back above the 12-Month Simple Moving Average. From the chart below, our MTD high was 9.39% while our MTD low was .09%
    day trading vs hold steady-20231201-1-png

    For some perspective, November closed YTD at 18.97%. This is above the 15.11% average-of-all-gains. If we were to close the year today, then 2023 would rank 20th of 64 years.
    day trading vs hold steady-20231201-1-1-png ...
  4. TSP Talk - Late surge on Thursday turns S&P positive, but indices mixed

    Stocks were mixed yesterday but a late surge of high volume trading in the final minutes turned the S&P 500 from negative to positive as end of month window dressing took over. The Nasdaq closed down but it also closed well off the 1% loss it had earlier in the day as buy programs hit the market with about 15 minutes left in the trading day. The Dow had a 500+ point gain thanks to a huge move in, and that moved the Dow to a new high for the year. Bonds were down as yields moved ...
  5. TSP Talk - November window dressing or profit taking?

    More quiet action on Wednesday although there was a little more volatility after stocks open sharply higher, but faded throughout the day to close flat, but mixed. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down slightly but the active small caps were at it again, jumping almost 1% on the day. That was also well off the highs and we may have seen a negative reversal, but being the last trading day of a super hot November, the question today will be whether we see monthly window dressing or just some profit ...
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