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  1. TSP Talk: The rally resumes

    Despite Powell reiterating the Fed's hawkish persistence in raising rates as needed, stocks resumed their rebound on Tuesday. The Dow jumped 431-points or 1.3% and, the broader the index, the bigger the gains were. The questions is, how long can the bear market rally party last? Bond yields were up / bond prices down, and the dollar tumbled helping prices everywhere, although the price of oil did pull back.

  2. TSP Talk: Not much follow through, but bears didn't press either

    The bulls made a midday push to tack onto Friday's rally, but instead we saw come consolidation of those gains either because of some "profit taking", or just a the typical sell the rally mentality in a bear market. There are not many profits to be had out there but the S&P 500 had moved up about 5% from Thursday's low to Friday's high, so that a decent move. A modest 16-point decline in the S&P following a 93-point gain isn't very meaningful, but it does give us an idea how ...
  3. TSP Talk: A bounce on Friday, plus TSP is shutting down soon

    We had a rare sighting of a bull in this bear market on Friday. It is remains bull hunting season so we could see them go into hiding again unless the bears need to take a break to gather more ammunition and supplies for the next next attempt to catch a horned wall hanger. OK, I'm not a hunter so the terminology may not be correct, but you get the point. After Friday's big rally, the bulls may have some fun for a couple of days, but the bears may be back for another go round at pushing the indices ...
  4. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

    For the week ending 05-13-2022

    This is my analysis of the weekly charts for the S&P 500, IWM, the VIX and 10-year yields. Premium subscribers also receive a daily commentary with the daily charts and my timing system’s signals for both TSP and ETFs outside of TSP.

    Current YTD returns thru 05/13/2022:

    TSP: ETF:

    G fund: 0.75% ...
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    An ugly week for stocks gave the C-fund its sixth straight week of losses, but a bear market rally Friday brought the indices out from the depths. The S&P 500 was at the brink of entering a technical bear market going into Friday. Action has been poor for months but it is a fall of 20% from the highs where Wall Street will consider the index in a bull market; the S&P 500 was down 17.6% from its high on January 3rd coming into Friday. The distinction is arbitrary yet significant to investors and ...
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