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  1. Investors run for cover

    Stocks were hit hard on Monday and we saw some technical damage done to the charts in the process. The Dow lost 602-points on the day and we saw losses of up to 2% - 3% in many indices. Volume was not too bad for a day that was a holiday with the bond market closed. Once the bond market opens on Tuesday we may either get a conformation of the weakness, or a bounce back since the bond market is the one that usually calls the shots over the stock market.

    I didn't post a daily ...
  2. If you made an IFT on Monday 11/12...

    I'm not 100% certain what the TSP is planning to do with IFT's done on Monday 11/12. Normally holidays do not get an updated price, even on days when the stock market is open, but we may get one for Monday based on the wording of TSP's message down below in the quote.

    But then the question will be, did your IFT get processed using Monday's COB prices or not.

    So, if you made an IFT on Monday 11/12 can you please let us know (with certainty) that you bought or sold on ...
    Intraday Update
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks soared Wednesday as investors celebrated the results of the mid-term election; this became the lone catalyst for buying resulting in a loss of some of those gains. The new division in power in Congress increased confidence in buyers because it reduces the potential for policy change which means less uncertainty for investors. The trouble came when the FOMC meeting Thursday reminded investors of the rate hikes to come next month. October's ugly action in stocks could be partially credited ...
  4. A day of rest

    Stocks were mixed, but mostly lower on Thursday as it digested the big gains from Wednesday. The Dow managed to push into positive territory at the close, ending the day with a gain of 11-points, and while the other indices did close off their lows, they still saw some modest losses on the day. The dollar closed higher pushing bonds and the I-fund lower.

  5. Post election blast off

    Stocks soared off the results of the midterm elections, and while most expected some kind of reaction, not many expected anything of the magnitude we saw. The Dow gained 545-points on the day, and it gapped up above that key 200-day EMA resistance that we have been watching. The gains were broad across most major indices and it seemed to catch many by surprise, including myself.

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