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  1. TSP Talk: The bears keep the pressure on as yields and the dollar move higher

    Typical bear market action once again as every time you think the market is ready to bounce, it rolls back over and keeps the downside pressure on. The indices tested the June lows again and now, heading into a potential Turnaround Tuesday, it's becoming make or break time. Not that stocks are going to bottom here, although anything is possible, but there are psychological reasons why double bottom bounces occur. The Dow lost 330-points.

  2. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

    For the week ending 09-2-2022

    This is my analysis of the weekly charts for the S&P 500, IWM, the VIX and 10-year yields. Premium subscribers also receive a daily commentary with the daily charts and my timing system’s signals for both TSP and ETFs outside of TSP.

    Current YTD returns thru 09-23-2022:

    G fund: 1.88%
    F fund:
  3. TSP Talk: Some buying late Friday, but bad week for stock funds

    We are really starting to see the bear market percolate as stocks took another tumble on Friday capping off a very difficult week for the stock funds. The Dow lost 486-points but there was some late buying as the indices approached the June lows so perhaps this week we'll see some kind of oversold / double bottom rebound. Bonds were down as short term yield moved higher again.

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up


    The bear market prevails. There was little hope this week's FOMC meeting would bring in buyers, but the level of selling caught most off guard. The trading range was was relatively tight from Monday's open up to the FOMC policy statement later in the Wednesday. The Fed announced the expected 0.75% increase in rates but what was a surprise was their intentions to keep raising rates faster and further than previously projected.

    This was enough spark a multi-day sell-off ...
  5. TSP Talk: No relief for the bulls yet. Sentiment extremely bearish

    Another down day for the stock market on Thursday as the downside momentum is gaining steam. The Dow lost "just" 107-points but higher yields in bonds and rising interest rates are starting to put some heavy pressure on the broader market, particularly small companies that depend on credit, and those indices suffered larger losses. The dollar was up, and bonds tanked as yields pushed higher again.

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