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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The bulls could not sustain the previous week's rally into this week. Instead stocks saw four straight days of losses. The C and S-fund produced gains of more than 1% Friday to erase of the previous two day's losses and ultimately ending this week near where the previous Friday's rally started. Leading up to Friday's gain it was all doom and gloom for the markets. Investors and economists are beginning to accept that a recession is immanent considering the current GDP projections and the Federal ...
  2. TSP Talk: Worst first half since 1970

    The 2nd quarter ended with a thud, and while we all know there were a lot of issues in the first half of the year, the action yesterday included some end of quarter window dressing, positioning for the 3rd quarter, and a pre-holiday impact, and the volatility could continue today. The Dow lost 254-points but it was really all over the place yesterday and that just happens to be where it landed when the bell rang. Bonds rallied as yields dropped, and commodities continue to slide as the economy ...
  3. TSP Talk: More choppy, but mixed action

    Stocks were mixed after a very choppy day of trading. The Dow posted a modest gain of 82-points, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down slightly, but small caps took a 1% loss. The dollar was up, which has been a headwind for stocks, but yesterday oil gave up an early gain to close negative, and that may have helped stocks move off their lows.

  4. TSP Talk: The stalled rally turns south

    Stocks opened higher yesterday, but it turned into a Turnaround Tuesday as the opening 1% gain vanished quickly and that triggered a stampede for the exits. The Dow lost 491-points, and the 79-point loss in the S&P 500, along with the 12-point loss on Monday, nearly erased all of Friday's monster rally. It lost 2% on the day, as did the small caps fund. The Nasdaq lagged with a near 3% decline.

  5. TSP Talk: The rally stalls

    Stocks slipped on Monday after a very choppy day of trading but the indices stayed in a fairly tight trading range. The Dow gave up 62-points and only the Nasdaq posted any kind of meaningful loss. Of course that was coming off of the big gains on Friday. Bonds were down as yields ticked higher. The dollar was down, and that weakness have to continue if we want to see stocks moving higher, and we'll talk about that below.

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