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  1. TSP Talk: Will the Fed raise rates again in this environment?

    Another day of selling for stocks on Friday as the market tries to price in the combination of elevated inflation, bank failures, bailouts, interest rate hikes, increased liquidity, etc. The Dow lost 385-points and once again small caps lagged badly, while the S&P 500 alternated between losses and gains every day last week. Bonds rallied as yields came down with investors sensing the possibility that the Fed may not raise interest rates this week, which had been the expectation before the ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The unknown, the overreactions, the pessimism followed by optimism followed by more pessimism; this all added up to a volatile week that would have certainly been an emotional experience for anyone holding stocks through the week. Coming into Monday it seemed like we were bound for mayhem. A second bank had failed over the weekend, being the third largest bank to fail in the U.S. after the second largest bank failed just days before. But swift action taken by a number of regulators that included ...
  3. TSP Talk: Relief rally on queue, but can it continue?

    The best stock market rallies usually come during the worst market conditions, and yesterday we saw another example. Stocks opened lower on Thursday but quickly caught a bid and from there moved steadily higher into the close. The Dow gained 372-points and the Nasdaq led with a 2.5% gain. Small caps didn't lead but for the first time in a while they mostly kept up with the S&P 500. Yields moved higher pushing the F-fund lower, and the I-fund also rebounded after Wednesday's major sell off. ...
  4. TSP Talk: Credit Suisse adds to the banking issues

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Wednesday after the Saudi National Bank, Credit Suisse’s largest investor, said that it could not provide additional funding for the struggling bank. We did see a move off the lows after the Swiss Central Bank said Credit Suisse was well capitalized and would step in if necessary. So, we saw some mixed results in the US indices in a day that was looking a lot worse in the morning. The Dow gave back 281 of the 338-points it gained on Tuesday while the Nasdaq ...
  5. TSP Talk: No surprises with the CPI, the market approves

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