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  1. TSP Talk: Poor economic data equals... rally?

    The market was greeted with a series of weaker than expected economic data on Thursday before the bell, so of course stocks... rallied. It's all about the Fed, I guess. Keeping them from raising interest rates and / more tapering their bond buying is what the market is feeding off, and weak data will do that. The Dow gained 154-points while small caps led as the love / hate relationship between investors and small caps continued. The dollar was down sending commodities ...
  2. TSP Talk: Mixed results after FOMC meeting

    Stocks were mixed yet again, and of course the Fed shook things up after their policy statement announcement. The Dow was down 128-points, the S&P 500 was flat, the Nasdaq rallied, as did the small caps. No change in interest rates, but the key was their expectation for economic growth and whether they addressed their bond buying program.

  3. TSP Talk: Selling before the big earnings reports, and after?

    Stocks were lower on Tuesday - another Turnaround Tuesday perhaps after 5 straight positive days for most of the major indices. Once again the dip buyers weren't too far behind as the indices did close well off their early lows, but some earnings after the bell started to shake things up again in the after hours trading. The Dow lost a modest 86-points on the day, but percentage-wise the S&P 500, the small caps, and particularly the Nasdaq ...
  4. TSP Talk: Stocks remain buoyant

    Stocks were mixed early on Monday but the buyers stepped up and took most indices into positive territory by the close. The weaker dollar helped. The Dow gained 83-points. The Nasdaq and small caps were basically flat but came back from earlier losses. Yields were mixed with the 10-year Treasury down on the day, and the 30-year bond yield up slightly.

  5. TSP Talk: New highs with internal weakness?

    Stocks started the week in some trouble, but somebody flipped a switch on Turnaround Tuesday, and for the big three indices, Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the week, including a big rally on Friday that sent them to new highs. The small caps also had a big week but it was little more volatile with one big loss on Thursday after the weak jobless claims report. Bonds were down - yields up. The dollar was up slightly and oil moved ...
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