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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - The Promise of Nvidia

    This week taught us the market is clinging to the promise of the AI industry. Indices are reaching new highs thanks to a single company's earnings and forecasts. This week C-fund investors were not holding the S&P 500 but were bound to the market's reaction of its favorite report card: Nvidia.

    Nvidia and the success of other AI related stocks have kept investor interested in buying the large cap funds like the C-fund for months. The less deserving companies inadvertently get
  2. TSP Talk - The answer was yes - Nvidia could keep the rally going

    The question going into Nvidia's earnings on Wednesday was whether it can beat the lofty expectations, whether it continue to rally and and tack onto the already lofty price, and whether the rest of the market was strong enough to move up and avoid triggering a sell the news reaction. The answer so far was, yes. The Dow gained 457-points, while the Nvidia driven S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices gained 3% and 2% respectively. It wasn't as much of a small caps or I-fund catalyst, but they did come ...
  3. TSP Talk - Stocks volatile before NVDA, and the results are in

    Stocks were down, and down sharply, for much of the day yesterday, but the closer we got to the release of Nvidia's earnings after the bell, the more buoyant stocks became and the indices closed strongly, and at their highs of the day. The Dow and S&P 500 turned losses into gains in those final minutes of trading, while the Nasdaq closed modestly lower, but 130-points off its intraday lows. Yields were up pushing the price of bonds lower and hurting small caps, and the dollar closed slightly ...
  4. TSP Talk - Stocks open the short week with a loss

    The holiday shortened week started off with a bang and losses across the board, although the international stocks moved up to give the I-fund a gain. The Dow lost a modest 64-points but big tech of the Nasdaq was hit hard and that spread into the S&P 500 and perhaps was responsible for the contagion into the small caps. Bonds were up as yields pulled back, and the dollar was down helping the I-fund.

  5. TSP Talk - Seasonality gets bearish as small caps try to wake up

    Stocks sold off on Friday following another inflationary pricing report - this one the PPI after Tuesday's hot CPI. The Dow lost 145-points and the losses were fairly broad, although the I-fund held onto some gains - mostly because the selling came late in the US and overseas markets hadn't reacted. Yields and the dollar were up on the PPI report and that put the pressure on the stock and bond markets.

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