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AutoTracker Top 10 YTD
  abeckhelm 27.88%  
  flynaz 26.50%  
  jeffrey77jones 21.76%  
  Uptrend 21.26%  
  FireGal 21.16%  
  lthor 20.50%  
  felixthecat 20.30%  
  eddie3375 19.53%  
  eddy_t 19.41%  
  tspintel 18.79%  

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Top 10 This Month
  Retire 5.17%  
  Gamer 5.14%  
  lightning 5.14%  
  pokerstar629 5.14%  
  kave 5.13%  
  Robin_hood 5.10%  
  IFTrader 5.06%  
  pointman72 5.05%  
  Bighorn6 5.03%  

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