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  1. TSP Talk: Positioning before the jobs report

  2. TSP Talk: The rebound continued

  3. TSP Talk: New month, new quarter... new direction?

    Stocks started the new week with a big rally with the help of some inflows for the new month and new quarter. The Dow gained 765-points and we saw gains of near 2.5% hit most of the indices. What also helped yesterday was another meaningful decline in the 10-year yield and the dollar with the latter pumping up commodities. Oil was up almost $4 a barrel, while gold and silver skyrocketed.

  4. TSP Talk: Can it get worse?

    Stocks ended last week with another decline and the TSP stock funds added more varying degrees of losses, so it was another poor day, poor week, and ugly month for the stock market. The Dow shed another 500-points on Friday erasing Thursday's fleeting 458-point gain. Bonds continue to decline as well as yields remain buoyant despite the evidence of weakening economic data.

  5. TSP Talk: The relief rally fail, but lows are holding

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