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TSP Talk -
 Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Information for...
Government Employees
& Military Personnel
Thrift Savings Plan Talk
For US government employees and military personnel

TSP Talk -
 Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Information for...
Government Employees
& Military Personnel

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Who Is TSP Talk?

TSP Talk was developed by one of you, a TSP participant.  I have been involved in investing in one capacity or another since 1984.  Following and predicting the action of the market has been a hobby of mine.  My ambition was to understand what made it tick.  I don't claim to be a great market timer or guru, but I have had some success managing my TSP account and I want to share what I know with others and maybe help them grow their accounts. [more]
How Do You Decide Where to Invest Your TSP Account?

At TSP Talk, we discuss what we are doing to protect and maximize our TSP accounts .  If you are having trouble deciding where to invest your money within your account, read our daily comments and asset allocation.  Maybe we can help.

What TSP Talk Can Do For You

Stock and bond market volatility can be confusing and frustrating to many investors.  Is it safe to be in stocks right now?  Should you flee to the safety of fixed rates?   Will small capitalization stocks or international funds outperform the S&P 500 index in the coming months?
Want more?

Did you ever wonder how a professional trader would manage their TSP account?  If you are looking for more guidance when it comes to managing your TSP account, we have an excellent service available for a monthly fee.  Navigate the financial seas along side professional trader and hedge fund manager James "RevShark" DePorre.  [more]
Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  We want to maximize our Thrift Savings Plan retirement accounts and help others along the way.

We do this by allocating our TSP assets into the funds which have the highest probability for capital preservation and greatest possibility for increased returns

S&P 500 (C fund))
1d  5d  3m  6m  1y  2y
Wilshire 4500 (S fund)
1d  5d  3m  6m  1y  2y
EFA (I fund)
1d  5d  3m  6m  1y  2y
Bonds (F fund)
1d  5d  3m  6m  1y  2y
20min. delay http://finance.yahoo.com

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