As some of our Premium Service members know, there have been some issues with certain email servers when we send email alerts...

First off there are 2 types of email alerts. Some are generated through our "regular" email alert system (, and some are generated from the forum.

The "regular" email alerts have been experiening a problem with certain ISPs. Here is a message from the service:

"Some of our customers are experiencing a delay when sending emails to Hotmail, MSN, and Some of these emails may get delivered but others may not. We are aware of this issue and are working with Microsoft to get this fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work through this. Check back here for the latest updates."

The forum email alerts are a problem for many email providers and gov't / military agencies because, since they are computer generated by the forum software, the can appear to be spam.,, the Airforce's,, and a few others that just don't seem to allow our forum email alerts.

If you use one of these or are not receiving your alerts, you may want to consider a gmail account. Here's more on gmail accounts (TSP Talk FAQ - Email Alerts).

The nice thing about gmail is that it will let you set it up to filter and forward certain emails to other email addresses, or even cell phones.

As always, it helps to add "" to your address book / list of contacts. Spam filters generally check to see if you know the person sending the email.