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  1. S&P 500: The Best 252 Sessions

    Here’s a study dissecting the best 252 sessions from 1961-2023. Across all time-frames, there are some interesting observations. Of all the data I post, this one has some of the most useful insights.

    To start with, (here's our baseline) the best 252 sessions range from 2.37% to 11.58%, have a median of 2.95% and an average of 3.44%

    Members Online-20240617-b1-png

    For the Presidential Cycle:

    From a 2024 perspective, 29% of the best sessions

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  2. TSP Talk - Will small caps ever catch up to the C-fund?

    It was quite a week for the stocks market last week with mixed inflation data and the Fed not as dovish as investors had hoped, and we saw big gains and pullbacks and wide divergences between the indices. On Friday stocks battled back from early selling to closed mixed, but the ongoing issue with the market is big tech's leadership camouflaging the weakness in some of the broader indices. Bonds were up again as yields continue to slide.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - Rotation into the C and F-fund

    TSP Fund Performance

    Invest everything in the C-fund. That has been the investment strategy that has worked all year, especially in the first two weeks of June. But when is it time to take profits? And when is it too late to chase? The TSP Talk AutoTracker community thinks not today.

    While other TSP stock funds whipped their investors around, the C-fund gave its investors a stream of steady gains in the first four days of this week. While the S and I-fund
  4. S&P 500: The Crock-pot of Indexes

    __Sometimes I like to filter out the indexes to look for commonalities. This helps me understand what pushes and pulls the markets in unison (and what doesn't).

    Comparing the S&P 500 with other indexes, if you have the S&P 500 you also have 1.23% of the Transports, 48% of the NASDAQ 100, and 31% of the Dow Jones Industrials

    There are 6 shared companies listed in the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. An equally weighted portfolio of these 6
  5. TSP Talk - Big tech or bust

    Stocks opened higher on Thursday after another favorable PPI report - favorable as far as being less inflationary than expected, and a cool weekly jobless claims report helped as well. The initial reaction in the futures was a strong move higher but by the time the market opened the rally lost its steam, and that weakness continued until about lunchtime when we did see some dip buying. Small caps and the I-fund lagged badly again, and bonds rallied on a pullback in yields.

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