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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups on Thrift Savings Plan funds performances and other market insights.

  1. The Top Ten AutoTracker Members - A Race to the Top

    Only twenty-three TSP Talk non-premium AutoTracker members are outperforming the C-fund this year. Buy and holding the C or S-fund has not been a bad strategy through 2023, but these twenty-three members have weaved through this year's market action doing their best to avoid losses and optimize their return for the year.

    With only five trading days left this year, let's put the spotlight on the top 10 members who are fighting for the title of best TSP investor.
    A Special Look
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    This week, the C-fund (S&P 500) produced its first new high since January 3rd, 2022. In the meantime, the C-fund took
    a turbulent 24% loss up to October 12th, 2022 followed by a 34% bounce back to its price today.

    The latest Consumer Price Index and the Federal Reserve helped to push prices to new highs. The CPI showed investors inflation in maintaining its current lower levels. The CPI's ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Price action hit a lull to start the week. Stock indices struggled with losses while buyers and sellers fought for control over the first three days of the week. Eventually, the market was overtaken by buyers who chased prices higher into the weekend to put all three TSP stock funds into positive for the week.

    Market timers have been talking about an entry point before the Christmas Holiday where they expect prices to soar into the end of the year. Was the early action this
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap-Up - The Herd Shifts Toward the G-fund

    The C-fund's weekly winning streak was extended to a fifth week, but it was the dominant performance by the S-fund that stole the show. A rally across the stock market led the C and I-funds to respectable sub 1% gains, meanwhile that same rally propelled the S-fund to a weekly gain of over 3.5%.

    As the S-fund continued its dominance through the end of November and into the new month, TSP Talk AutoTracker members began to sell the small-cap TSP fund. That was mostly true
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