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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups on Thrift Savings Plan funds performances and other market insights.

  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap-Up

    The buy-and-hold method of investing has not been kind lately. The indices continue to shed prices and this week was similar to the previous. The S&P 500 spent some of the first half of the week in positive territory, but by Wednesday the bulls lost full control.

    Earnings did not help those trying to catch the falling knife. A positive earnings report by Microsoft was overshadowed by a disappointing report by Alphabet.

    The S-fund lagged the other TSP funds this
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    An uplifting start to the week quickly turned into a dreadful second half for stockholders. The bulls lost their grip on the market as investors were balancing earnings, economic data, the Federal Reserve, and rising bond yields.

    The start of the earnings season has had more companies beat expectations than miss. The problem is strong earnings may already be priced into the market. This leaves investors more sensitive to missed earnings and is not helping the indices.
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - The End of the Buying Spree

    Stocks prices started the week down slightly on Monday, but actually rallied from Monday's TSP trading deadline to Tuesday's TSP trading deadline. This was the continuation of a buying spree that started the previous Friday. The Market was dealing with headlines about a new war in the Middle East which made it surprising to see prices climb so easily. But the momentum was cut there near the Tuesday trade deadline and stalled over the next two days.

    The indices started to give
  4. TSP Weekly Wrap Up - The Jobs Report Save

    Stock price action was unpromising through the first four days of the week. Prices sunk early, reached their lows by Tuesday afternoon, and chopped around over the two days. Then just as the market players were expecting the jobs report to fit the mood, they were stunned with a spike in new payrolls. In the September Non-farm Payroll was up 336,000 when the expected gain was around 170,000.

    The high borrowing cost economy induced by the Fed has not been able to penetrate
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