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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Services

Table of Contents
 1 - How do I sign up?
 2 - Which service(s) is best for me?
 3 - What forms of payments do you accept?
 4 - How much do the Premium Services Cost?
 5 - Do the subscriptions renew automatically?
 6 - I am having trouble logging in. What's wrong?
 7 - I paid using PayPal but don't seem to have access.
 8 - I tried all of that but still don't have access:
 9 - How do I get on the Premium Service email alert lists?
10 - How do I get on the Premium Service Message Board?
11 - How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I sign up?

Follow instructions below, or watch instructional video.

To get started, please go to: http://www.tsptalk.com/members

- Click on "Open an Account Now" * - It's free to create an account

  • Enter a username / email address to use as your username (If paying with PayPal, this email address must match your PayPal username / email address.)

  • Create a password you wish to use

  • Enter a contact email address if different from your username email address above.

  • Enter your first name

  • Hit "signup" button.

- A login screen will come up

- Logon using the info you just input above

- Choose a service and length of subscription from the menu list shown, and click continue

- Choose PayPal or fill out credit card info (the credit card option is below PayPal)

* - If you create an account and it says that the account already exists, you either hit submit more than once, or you may have already created an account at an earlier time. Simply go to the login screen and sign in.

  - Opening an account is free but does not give you access to any services (except for any free trials.)  Once you have an account, you can login and then subscribe to one or more of the Premium Service.

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Which service(s) is best for me?

Choosing a service is a personal decision.  Everyone has different financial goals, retirement target dates, comfort levels when it comes to risk, etc.  Some services have a more aggressive trading approach than others.  Some are more active than others meaning they will make more interfund transfers.  Some will move all of their money into one fund or the other, while others spread their money a little more.

If you are unsure, you might want to check out the service descriptions on www.tsptalk.com/premiums.html and pick one that appeals to you.  It might be wise to choose a month to month subscription before committing to an annual subscription.  Then, once you find one you like, you can take advantage of the annual subscription discounts. Just contact us to let us know you want to switch.

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What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept payments via credit cards and PayPal.

We will also accept checks in some circumstances, for pre-paid annual subscriptions.  Please contact us if you choose this option.

- If you paid by credit card and you are getting a message that your username or password is incorrect, it’s possible your credit card was declined for one reason or another.  You may have entered your number incorrectly, etc.

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How much do the Premium Services Cost?

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Do the subscriptions renew automatically?

The monthly subscriptions do renew automatically, until you cancel. 

Annual subscriptions do not renew automatically.  We will send out an email when your subscriptions is nearing expiration.

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I am having trouble logging in. What's wrong?

If you reached this step, I will assume that you have already created an account.  If that is the case, it could be a number of things.

Here are a couple of reasons / solutions if you are having trouble getting started.

- If you believe you signed up correctly and can’t login, or you have been logged in before and now you can’t seem to get in (perhaps you are seeing a refreshing login page), try this:

Add TSP Talk to trusted sites list:

In Internet Explorer, go to:

> Tools
> Internet options
> privacy tab
> sites
> add http://www.tsptalk.com/members to the allowed sites list (notice the "s" in https)

Cookies must be enabled on your PC

How to Enable a Cookie on a Computer

Cookies are small computer codes generated by web servers and deposited on clients’ computers as they surf the Internet. Cookies allow web designers to customize web content for individual users.

- Configuring Microsoft Internet Explorer to accept cookies:

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Go to "Tools" and click on "Internet

Click "Privacy," and drag the slider downwards until it says "Allow all cookies." Click "OK" or "Apply,"
depending on your version. Close your Microsoft Explorer browser.

- Configuring Mozilla Firefox to accept cookies:

Open Mozilla Firefox web browser,
and go to "Tools." Click on "Privacy." Click "Allow sites to set cookies" on
the checkbox.

Click Accept third party cookies checkbox. Select Keep until they expire from
the dropdown list. Click Ok. Close your Mozilla Firefox browser.

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I paid using PayPal but don't seem to have access.

First thing for PayPal subscribers: It is important that your username / email address login to the Premium Services area matches your PayPal email address, otherwise when PayPal sends us a payment, our system can not match the payment to an account.  

- If paying by PayPal, we are still seeing some members not completing the transaction.  After you pay using PayPal… On the final page of the PayPal process, please click the "Return to Vendor Website" button.  This will complete the transaction and ensure proper payment credit.

- It could also be because you used the "back" button before the process was complete.

- If you received a confirmation from PayPal that your Payment was made but you still can’t login, email us, as we’ll have to manually update your account.  Please include your PayPal email address.

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I tried all of that but still don't have access:

Here's what to do if you paid but don't have access:

Send an
send an email to us (use the support at tsptalk. com).

- I need to know the login name you used (usually an email address)
- Tell me which service you tried to sign up for
- Was it for a monthly or annual service
- Tell me if you used the PayPal or credit card option
- If you used a credit card, give me the last name on that card (do not send us your card number)

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How do I get on the Premium Service email alert lists?

Subscribing to a Premium Service automatically puts you on the service's email alert list.  We use the email address(es) that you used when you created your premium service account. 

To make changes, use this page to edit your email address... https://www.tsptalk.com/members/editprofile.php

You can opt out of these email alerts by setting the Email Alerts setting to "N" on that page.  

Since email servers vary, we cannot guarantee the timeliness of when you receive your alerts.

More FAQ on email alerts and notifications

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How do I get on the Premium Service Forum?

The Premium Services area of the TSP Talk Forums has been set up for paying subscribers to discuss the premium services and systems. To gain access to them, you must be a member of the Forum and a current paying subscriber to one of the premium services.

To become a member of the Forum, please register here.

If you are already a member of the forums and a premium service member, access should be automatic* if all went well in the subscription sign up process . If you don't have access within 24 hours of subscribing,
send me (tsptalk) a PM and he'll grant you access manually.

* Your Premium Service username should match your forum username for the automatic access to work. If you would like to update your information in the premium service area go to: https://www.tsptalk.com/members/editprofile.php

Please be aware that talking about specific Premium Service information (allocations, etc.) in the public area of the forum is not acceptable and may get you banned from the message board. 

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel by going into the members' area and click on the "Member Profile / Status" link in the menu.  For best results, always send us a confirmation email with your login name requesting cancellation, and we will manually cancel for you. 

If you are using PayPal, be sure to go to www.paypal.com and cancel your subscription there as well.  Refunds are only available for annual subscriptions which are cancelled within the first 30-days.  Month to month subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.  See more on the cancellation policy here.

If you have any other question feel free to
Contact Us

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Have questions?  Visit our Forum for answers.

Would you like to be on our email alert list? Your email address will never be given out. Read our privacy policy. By signing up you agree to the TSP Talk Terms of Service.

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