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TSP Talk Premium Services Sign-up / Login Problems

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- Forgot, or to reset your Password: http://www.tsptalk.com/members/forgot_pass.php

- Forgot Username: http://www.tsptalk.com/members/forgot_username.php

How to Sign-Up

Please go to http://www.tsptalk.com/members

If you already have, or once created, an account in the premium Services area, simply login and subscribe to the service(s).

If you do not have an existing account, then...

  - Click on "Open an account now" *
Enter email address to use as your username
    -          Create a password you wish to use
    -          Enter your first name
    -          Submit info

- A login screen will come up

- Logon using the info you just input above

- Choose a service from the menu list shown, and click continue

- For pay services, choose PayPal or fill out credit card info

* - If you try to create an account and it says that this account already exists, you either hit submit more than once, or you may had and old account with a service in the past.  Simply go to the login screen and sign in.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Common Problems

Here are a couple of reasons / solutions if you are having trouble getting started.

- If you believe you signed up correctly and can’t login, or you have been logged in before and now you can’t seem to get in (perhaps you are seeing a refreshing login page), try these:

> First, clear your system's cache by holding down the ctrl-key and hit F5 at the same time.

If that didn't help...

In Internet Explorer, go to:

> Tools
> Internet options
> privacy tab
> sites
> add http://www.tsptalk.com/members to the allowed sites list

People have had problems logging in using Firefox and AOL browsers.  We recommend Internet Explorer for best results.

- If paying by PayPal, we are still seeing some members not completing the transaction.  After you pay using PayPal… On the final page of the PayPal process, please click the "Return to Vendor Website" button.  This will complete the transaction and ensure proper payment credit.

- If you received a confirmation from PayPal that your Payment was made but you still can’t login, email us, as we’ll have to manually update your account.

- Some people don’t seem to notice the credit card payment option but it is actually below the PayPal option, and you may have to scroll down to see it.

- If you paid by credit card and you are getting a message that your username or password is incorrect, it’s possible your credit card was declined for one reason or another.  You may have entered your number incorrectly, etc.

Here's what to do if you paid but don't have access:

Send an
send an email to us (use the support at tsptalk. com).

- I need to know the login name you used (usually an email address)
- Tell me which service you tried to sign up for
- Was it for 6 or 12 months
- Tell me if you used the PayPal or credit card option
- If you used a credit card, give me the last name on that card (don't send your cc number to me)

Thanks. It may take a day or two, but we'll get it straightened out.

Tom Crowley


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