Surly have lost a lotta money.
I looked at it not making sense or being that informed about finance.
I knew that inflation would erode things.
I just retired in 2016 w/ 33 years.
I went through relationship difficultys.
I supported my 2 kids till 18y.o
I learned about the feds controlling interest rates ,I didn't like the whip saws all based on sentimenet
I looked at c fund up one day down next didn't like it.
Didn't like way feds forced us into stocks when before the cd rates were 5 % in 2000 ish.
I know still bad reasons to waste all earnings I jus let slip by.
So now 68 well another pessimistic reasons just figured if I could jus get by oh well, so what.
Felt I could be the poor ole me guy, looked at investors as money grubbing and moneys their god another dumb reason.
My partners were all struggling that dint help in lotta ways.
I have been feeling remorseful lately but oh hell.
I had briefly put in an L fund briefly years ago.
My other problem is Dollar cost average I hear just put a set amount regardless what markets doin w/ IFT I never done it and at this point aint confidant it 'll make that much difference.
Im difficult case finding every reason on earth not even try to earn more anymore.
Well still I been aware of my mistake to stay in the G so jus grumbling all this time aint doin any good.
I was amazed at way ive seen others be 100% in C fund all these years especialy I feel like fool since 2012, a real fool me any ways I tried to offset things by having a low monthly living expense.
Like 0 debt ect.thinking that's something.Workin on myown car doing my own repairs on things rather thamn throw and buy new ect.
Pennywise pound foolish.