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Completing your Registration:

There are quite a few registration attempts on file where you are entering an email address that CAN NOT receive email. I can't even get through to you via my regular account without the mail bouncing back or going into the scrap heap. If this is so, you won't be able to receive the registration confirmation email and if the registration is not completed by clicking the email link, I will have to delete the user name from the file. If you have already attempted to register, but need a password reminder or another confirmation email, let me know and I'll have them sent out to you. If you need to change your email address or need additional help, send email to me.

ALL USERS: Your email address most likely DOES NOT begin with WWW. An email address is not like a web page where it works with or without WWW in front of it. Your email address has to be EXACTLY as it's assigned to you. If you have any doubt at all, SEND AN EMAIL TO YOURSELF and if you receive it in your inbox, OK, but if you don't, there IS a problem.

AOL users: with your email set to EXCLUSIVE, your email BOUNCES back. You cannot become registered if you don't have a valid email address.

HOTMAIL USERS: Look in your junk mail folder! If you have your email filter set to EXCLUSIVE you will not receive the confirmation message from my server. Your filter is at: options - junk email protection - junk email filter. If it is set to Exclusive, set it to Enhanced. Make sure that you don't have it set to delete junk mail immediately!

YAHOO USERS: Look in your BULK Mail folder! And it's - NOT - makes a BIG difference! Spam Protection - Step 1 of 3: Spam Filter - SpamGuard is ON/OFF

OTHERS: Many ISPs have set up SEVERE spam traps that dump a lot of email COMPLETELY - you never see it. Call your support department and give them my IP# and the email domain and hopefully they will exempt it from their spam filter. (Server email is from: "TSP Talk Bulletin Board"

MISSPELLED EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you don't enter your email address correctly then the mail bounces. If you're not sure what your email address is, send an email to YOURSELF. If you don't get the mail you just sent to yourself, then something's wrong. Get help!

Registering is required to secure your user name and password for posting ads or messages and this will gain you "extra" site privileges. You can either leave the profile page empty or tell everyone about yourself and upload a photo! If you are shy about the page's content, leave it empty. All user names are unique, so once you've registered in your own name, no one else will be able to post ads or messages or send email under your name!

If you still have not been able to get registered, please send us an email from the email address you used to register, and we will to manually activate your account.

I hope this helps!


User feedback:

I finally got it! I think I found out what was wrong, maybe even help with other people in the future. I've had my Hotmail address for awhile, so back before they had the filter they do now I used to get about 20 junk emails every day, and had to manually delete all of them. After they improved the filter, my old settings never changed. I had it set to delete junk mail immediately, so they never made it into the junk mail folder. Thanks for your time and help!


Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail (MSN) have set themselves up as Deities and therefore you cannot speak to them and they will not speak to you. Unfortunately, this means suffering through your problems on your own. Fortunately, we can share information such as this when a problem gets solved, no thanks to the ISP or email provider. Someone in the junk mail filtering department has decided that if an email has more than one link included, it's JUNK - no matter what. I wonder how much other valid email gets tossed this way.


Hotmail's reply to why we are labeled as spam:
Your IP is filtered by us because the vast majority of all the email
that you send to us has been judged to be spam by the Symantec filtering
system. One possible explanation for this is the automatic forwarding of
unfiltered inbound messages, including spam messages, to MSN/Hotmail
addresses. When this happens MSN Hotmail, not the Symantec system,
automatically blocks the IP in order to save resources. This block lasts
for 24 to 48 hours and then is removed. If again the large majority of
all the email from the IP is marked as spam by Symantec it is reblocked,
and so on indefinitely. While it is our system that is blocking your IP,
it is Symantec's filtering which is blocking your individual emails.
The only way to stop this process is to contact Symantec and get them to
stop filtering your individual emails to us. If you wish to be unblocked
by Symantec you must submit examples of the mail that you sent during
the previous 24 hours for review by them.
To do this, send these examples as rfc822 compliant attachments to Their team will open the
submission and render a judgment, or possibly request additional
information. Do not send Symantec a list of blocked IPs as they are not
actually blocking the IPs and such information will not help them to
resolve your issue.
After Symantec goes through this process of investigation and renders a
decision on whether they will keep blocking your emails or not, there
will be nothing I, or anyone else at MSN Hotmail, can do to affect that
decision. Symantec is a completely separate company from Microsoft and
MSN Hotmail and their decisions are intentionally kept out of the hands
of our staff.
Thank you,
Hotmail Technical Support

I run a clean server with no other users besides myself. No junk mail goes out.

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