These ten questions deserve answers. However, they assume an existing readiness to retire that may not exist.
In my world, there are 8 critical questions that precede these such that a couple, or anyone for that matter, must first ask of themselves, and answer.
With millions of Americans arriving at their retirement date grossly unprepared for what they will find, solutions to fix this must surface.
Wall Street companies, be they in the wealth management category, or the insurance company category, all attempt to offer good advice. But I lived and worked in that world for decades and it comes with a built in flaw.
Virtually none of them embrace the fiduciary standard since they have no interest in being held accountable if the wheels come off down the road. They are first accountable to their shareholders and if you as a client come out ahead, for them, this is an incidental benefit.
This is not to say that some of their front line people are not good people. Most are honest and have good intentions, but not all are willing to embrace a fiduciary standard. They believe what they tell you, but much of it comes from their employer. If the term fiduciary is unknown to you, it means information and actions taken must be in YOUR best interest, and not theirs.

Iíve created an online effort that teaches the dynamics of retirement and how someone can improve their chances of success when retirement arrives. Thatís where youíll find my 8 critical questions referenced above.
In the meantime, if you are a long way down that road already, these 10 questions might help you.
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