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    I've read TSPTalk since about 2013, and apparently registered twice since then according to my Firefox password manager, but neither of those passwords work and I don't know what email address I used. So third time is the charm.

    I am a late 30's system administrator, sub-400k in the TSP. I've been on the cusp for a couple years now but never actually broken that milestone, and without another 4 percentage points upward, I won't hit it this year either.

    I've learned a lot of valuable info here over the years, but I'm not very interesting. I am 10 years from a paid off mortgage, and at least 15 years until my youngest kid is out the door.

    I will make a thread tracking my account but it won't be that fun. Just set and forget 70/30 C/S which is what I have followed for the past decade.


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    A little bit more: I was military for a few years, worked the private sector for a while where I moved up incredibly fast, came back but never maxed the Thrift until I was 30. I am now a Fed, GS-13 level, with no desire to move up.

    I am comfortable with my job. I have no willingness to manage/supervise for the tradeoff of less job options and not enough pay to offset the added responsibility or teeth to do anything meaningful about underperforming employees and poorly designed information systems.

    Plus, I hate dressing up. I come to work in jeans and a polo shirt every day and that's just fine.

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    Welcome aboard.
    May the force be with us.

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    sounds like you are doing great! personally i would put maybe a little, 20%, in the g fund at this point. just for some security.

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    I welcomed you in your account talk thread, but let's make it official here as well!

    Thanks for your input. Great info.

    I personally look at buy and hold as too risky. I know set and forget has worked in the US for centuries, and probably will continue, buy oh those drawdowns, and if they come near retirement...

    Sounds like you've been there, done that, and have done very well, so don't listen to me.

    Good luck!

    I'll leave you with some John Hussman:

    He sounds quite bright, but in fairness he was very wrong for a long time. He eventually came to the conclusion that 0% interest rates for a decade messed up his models. Interest rates aren't 0% anymore.

    PS, if there's some old accounts that you need deleted, just send me a Private Message.
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