Just finished RevShark's book. Some personal take-aways:

1) Noone investing in an index fund is going to make 10's of millions of dollars - an index just can't move 20% in a day or a month. So we may be able to make a couple of million over the long haul, but $10M or more is extremely unlikely.

2) He makes some very good points on personal investors versus brokerage houses, all of which I think applies to us. However, with the proposed clamp-down on trading, we are not going to be as reactive as he suggests we should be. Hence, if you're thinking of applying his techniques, it might be worth while to roll over your TSP fund into some other company that would allow you to be more reactive. However, if you're still a Fed, you have great matching funds, so that is something to consider.

All in all, a very enjoyable read. And (IMHO) there are some great truths to take from it ... one of which (concerning what drives the market) I have been saying for some time.

Highly recommended.