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  1. Preview into December


    Here's a quick peek into December's seasonal statistics.

    From 63-Years Q4 ranks as the best of the four quarters while December ranks in the middle (the best win ratio but lower average-of-gains).

    When November closed the month up (43 of 60 times), December closed up 29 of 43 times, giving us a 67% win ratio based on the November close.

    When the 1st trading day of December closed up (28 of 63 times), December closed up 24 of 28 times ...

    Updated 11-19-2023 at 09:57 AM by TommyIV

  2. TSP Talk - Stocks see modest gains but consolidation begins

    Stocks were up on Wednesday but the rally may be running out of steam, and there's nothing wrong with that after the giant move higher this month. The Dow led with a gain of 164-points, or +0.43%, and the small caps (S-fund) kept the party going with another 0.33% rally. Yields and the dollar were up weighing slightly on the stock market and pushing the I-fund to a small loss.

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