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  1. Stats for November 2023


    We finished October down -2.20%. From the 64 Months of October, this ranked as 13th worst. This is also the first time we've closed down 3 consecutive months since the pandemic low of Mar-2020. Additionally this is October’s 5th worst 3-Month performance at -8.61%.

    From the chart below, our MTD high was 2.07% while our MTD low was -3.98%
    Market Talk-202311-01-oct-final-png

    While we have closed the last 3 months down, we are still up 9.23% YTD.

    Updated 11-01-2023 at 11:17 AM by TommyIV

  2. TSP Talk - An oversold rally with seasonal advantage

    Stocks started the week with a rally, and we've talked often about the strange positive Mondays streak, but here we are again with another Monday rally behind us, and four more trading days left in the week to try to hold onto those gains. We are starting a strong seasonal period for stocks, but it may not be that easy under the current circumstances, although stocks are quite oversold and relief rallies can be impressive. The Dow gained 511-points yesterday as large caps did well, while small ...
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