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TSP Talk Reader Comments
TSP Talk Reader's Comments


I just love the report information. May only understand half of it, but find it very smart for the interpretation of a signal and direction in long term strategy.
- offroad

This site and Your premium service is great! Such a positive environment...I really appreciate your openness. Thank you so much for all you do, the hard work you put into this site, and for creating such an awesome, thoughtfully designed, and user-friendly site! I've looked at other sites and they just do not compare....not even close! Sincerely,
- Dba

Don’t know how you do all that you do (including to responding to personal e-mails so quickly) but I’m glad you do it.
- Dean

Thanks for all you do. I have learned a lot from you and the site.... you are a visionary for putting this all together the way you have! Congrats.

- 06savefor2012


Thank you for running such an incredible web site, which I found by accident a few years ago. Turned out to be a pot of gold :) Cheers

- G

Keep up the good work, your web site is an extremely valuable resource for us Feds.

- JM

….greatly appreciate your website, do not know where I would be without your TSPTALK services. Keeping watch over the TSP and markets on a daily basis and reading you and IT’s commentary/advice has really truly benefited our family here in Atlanta! It has made a real difference. All the best...
- Brian

I love reading what u have to say. I appreciate the plain English. I read a quote once about "if a person really knows what they are talking about, they can put it in plain English." I believe it. Keep up the good work.

Tom, thank you so much for putting your time into this web site! I would have no confidence and be far too cautious had I not started learning from this website!
- Craig

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it. We tell everyone we know who has a TSP plan about your service! :-)
- L

Thanks for what you do. I love your technical analysis. I took several course through Success Magazine/Thinkor Swim/Investools that taught me some technical analysis. Being an engineer, I appreciate technical analysis and your market com. And the website.  How do I get access [to the premium services]?

- SP


Tom, thanks again. I really enjoy the TSP Talk site and information. It has taken a lot of the guess work out of investing for the future. Keep up the great work.

I appreciate everything you do Tom. I've made a lot of money following your advice over the years. I owe a great deal of my financial success and being able to retire at 56 to that advice.
- RC

You and the services that you provide are in no small part the reason my wife and I have successfully retired. We have done very well by this support. As I have said in the past. This IS the best site on the WEB.
- Jim G.

I also want to thank you for providing TSPTalk and the paid services. They help me understand a very difficult subject (at least for me) and helped me to get to a retirement goal that I have reached and will be making that move in another 30 days. Even felt comfortable enough to start on some index funds w/ Vanguard (index of indexes Lifestrategy).
- CP

I just want to say that because of TSP Talk its such a joy coming to work everyday. I always look forward to reviewing TSP Talk daily to help me make wise investment decisions.  I did fairly well with my retirement fund coming very late into Government service. I invested rather aggressively all thanks to TSP Talk's wise guidance.
- Don

I want to say that I am thrilled with this “premium” service (Intrepid Timer). I’ve never spent money like this but I already lost thousands from my TSP account this year so the monthly premium is feeling very reasonable right now. I know nothing is guaranteed but at least I’m not casting in the dark all by myself.
- Jeff

I've very much appreciated what you guys at TSPTalk have done for me. Have made in excess of 17% each of the last 3 years.
- DD

Today my TSP account broke into $500,000 range.   Thanks to your advice on TSPTalk.com.   I have between 5-10 years of service left before I can retire.  My goal is to make one million dollars in my TSP investments before I retire!  Thank you for your website advice.   Your guidance over the years has made me appreciate the value of making money and not relying on someone else to make it for me. Merry Christmas!!!
-  J.A.Y.

Mr. Crowley, You are the best!  Thank you so much for the quick response. Now that is service!  Best regards
- JJ

TSP Talk is religiously followed by me. I give credit to this tremendous service for my wonderful account earnings.

- Don

I always enjoy all your work with TSP Talk and have shown your web site to at least fifty others who all think it greater than sliced bread. KEEP UP the GREAT WORK.
- Thomas

My co-workers have said you provide a great service and I agree. Your customer service is outstanding. I sincerely appreciate your help and I look forward to more great advise from your site.
- Alan


Great catch on the 1987 correlation. I haven’t heard a single comment on this on the financial news shows yet. If not for TSPTALK, I wouldn’t have been watching for that one. I’m safely in the G now and enjoying the show. Thanks.
- John

Also wanted to thank you for the service you provide TSP members... I find myself checking your page every morning to see what is happening. Thanks again!
- JB

And let me just say, Everything that my thrift savings accounts is or hopes to be, I owe to you and this incredible resource. I thank you very much

- Jeff

Thank you for the service you all provide. I am very happy with my TSP fund progress this past year with your help. I have recommended your service to co-workers as well.
- Annette

I retired February 17, 2012, with 33 years of federal service.  I have followed your TSP site since you first put it online.  Thanks to your assistance I managed to grow my TSP account into something well beyond I had ever hoped to achieve.  I will never forget two major accomplishments;  the day I went over $500k, and the time I made over $13K in one day - everything I had was in the "I" account for one day.  Of course we could still move our funds around on a daily basis then.   Anyway, when I retired last year I made a big one time withdrawal, but still have a very nice balance left in my TSP account.  I would now like to make that grow so I'm back on your site.  I want to thank you for playing such a major part of helping me achieve my retirement goals.

- Charles

Oh by the way... my sincere "Thank you". I've followed you and then your premium services for many years. You have helped me to build a VERY nice nest egg to retire on this coming June. I have shown many persons your site and how to follow it. Thank you for your advise and the knowledge (dollars) you have given me!
- Joe S.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the time and effort that you put into the daily and weekly market comments. I have been reading TSP for several years, but 2012 (+23.02%) was the first year that I have been reading the comments every day and actively making interfund transfers. This year I plan to do the auto tracker via the website, but last year I tracked my transfers with your excel based tracker.

- Jerad

Your commentary has been, as always, very helpful to me when making my transfers.

- Jay

You have always been very helpful and quick to respond. If only all help desk/support could be like you........ :)
- RC

I started reading your Market Commentary about 3 or 4 months ago. Since then, I’ve gotten a number of fellow employees interested as well. I’m sure you hear this often, but not enough, thank you for the time and effort you put in to the site and the commentary. I think your reasoning is sound and your analogies are accurate and entertaining. I only wish I had known about TSP Talk sooner.  Thanks again.
- Andrew

I just joined the membership for a month but really appreciate your service.  From zero knowledge for managing the TSP and I have been learning a lots from your daily report and commentary.
- Bella

Thank You for all your hard work on TSPTALK.com, you are a fountain of info and have helped me maximize my TSP and IRA returns!!   I retired 2/29/12 and continue to beef up my retirement assets..  Thanks again ! 
- Dave

Thanks for providing this TSP Talk service, I've only been a member for a couple of years, wish I knew about this sooner. I always tell my Fed friends that this is the best way to manage your TSP account. Have learned a lot between your comments and IT's. In less than 3 years you have helped me grow my TSP account from 165K to 242K (retired so since I can't contribute any more, growing it is my only option). This is the first year I've participated in Auto tracker. Thanks again for all your advice, help and the T-shirt.
- DD

I check your site every day - I'm addicted.  Thanks

- Jerry


Thanks much for the daily Market Commentary! I make sure to browse it every day, its really been illuminating to see how the various indicators and seasonality come together on a daily basis.
- Tom

I've been reading your commentary for a long time now and I use your insights and charts to help me make Interfund Transfers in the TSP.   I've also pointed others to your commentary who want to learn and take control of their TSP trades and break the shackles of "buy and hold".   2011 PIP was 18+ percent as a frequent trader in TSP.  Hope to do better in 2012. 
- Troy

I love this website & the premium services you offer on it.  It’s good for us Federal or retired employees to keep an eye on our TSP!
- John

I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work putting the TSP Talk Commentary together, GREAT JOB!!! I read it every day.  Keep up the great work.
- Jim

I always look forward to reading your TSPtalk, thank you for doing this for all of us. 
- Terri


...I'd also like to say thanks for educating me about the TSP and the stock market. Reading the Market Comments and posts on TSP Talk has really boosted my retirement account, so now I will be able to retire earlier than I had planned.
- Gary


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your daily commentary. I've been reading your commentary everyday for about 2 years and sometimes I just can't wait to see the material you've prepared.... I just think your doing an excellent job and I wanted to say thanks.
- Chris

Thanks for all you do for the site. I enjoy reading your daily and weekly wrap-ups of the current market conditions.
- Mike S.

Thanks so much for your efforts and talents in schooling rookies like me the intricacies' of TSP.  Your efforts and insight significantly enable me to make a profit in this terrible financial environment that we are all in.  I just really wanted to pass on that you are doing something great.  Thank you again.
- bucket

I love your web-site. Don't know where I'd be without your commentaries. Thanks again and I am so glad I found your web-site. I highly rely on your information. Your the best!!
- Gypsie

Love the site.  Wish I knew of it years ago for TSP guidance, info sharing, etc. 
- John

I enjoy your daily commentaries, and all of the hard work and effort you do for us on the TSP website.
- Marlene

Thank you for this site and all the hard work it must entail. I look forward to your commentary every day. I'm looking forward to a very prosperous 2011.
- Dutchy

I've been religiously reading your collaborative-based web-site everyday, learning more and more.  With the advent of a new baby, and recent marriage, I've turned a new leaf to be much more strategic about tsp, which I have regretfully not in the past.  My deepest thanks to you for your leadership -- and all that you and others steadfast fully contribute to making this a win/win web-site for those of us in public service.  Take care.
- Brian

Just a note to thank you for your TSP TALK website info – which is free!! ... I followed your columns everyday – keep up the excellent commentary.
PS:  When someone asks, I refer them to your website for excellent TSP info and advice.
- Rob

I appreciate everything that you do.  I enjoy your commentary and suggestions.  You do a great job of keeping us informed. 
- Kieran

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the trading insight provided by the TSP TALK website. It's not my only source but I do read it daily..
- no name provided

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Thank You for this website and for keeping it up and running. It has been very beneficial to me since I started using it. I am still surprised at how simple, yet accurate, the Sentiment Survey is.
- Ken

Your Market Commentary has become the first thing I read everyday. That says a lot. Thank you!
- DCRanger

I have been cruising the TSP Talk site for some time and received a lot of continuing educational credit for which I am appreciative.  In this Thanksgiving season, we all have much to be thankful for and I would like my voice of appreciation to all that you do here. Many thanks to you, your family and your virtual family.
- Pete

Thanks for all you do for us. It takes a lot of your time and considerable effort to put together these updates. I check 'em out every day and find them invaluable.
- Doug

I really appreciate your sight.  It is very helpful.  I will continue to pass it on to other TSPers.
- russ

I want to thank you for providing such a great service. Your site provides a tremendous service to TSP participants. Any one who has money in the TSP should be using your site. Keep up the great work!  Thanks again! 
-Chris H.

After today's posting thought I'd email.  Hope you have time to read.  Anyway, I read your comments daily and through them I have a much better understanding of how things work.  Not to say I have anything really figured out about accurate predictions but I do understand a lot more than I used to.  If anything, events make more sense after they happen which, I think, leads to better decisions prior to potential market moves...
- Scott

Hey guys I just wanted to say Thanks for all good info. Keep the good job n God bless you all!!
- Ed

I want to thank you all for making my TSP a valuable investment, your site is a valuable resource and much needed.
- George

I give you high marks for your daily commentary which I look forward to reading each day. By the grace of God and  from your daily commentary, I have been consistently making significant gains all of this year, sometimes between 2% to 4 %, per month.
- Chris

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you had to say in your market comments today.  You have a lot of wisdom about these sorts of things, and I think that many people will benefit from your thoughts.  There is too much of a temptation for pride to get the best of us.
- Van

Just so you know.  I look forward to your daily commentaries each and every day. I read them and look forward to them.  Actually if the truth be known, when you do find time to take a break and get away from it all for a few days, I'm somewhat in denial of making financial decisions without first reading your commentary.  Continue the good work Sir. I, as well as others, greatly appreciate your continued dedication.
- Larry

Thank you!  I don't think we appreciate your efforts on the TSPTalk site enough.  It must take a lot of work.
- Anh

Thanks for these daily commentaries, [they're] excellent.
- Ric

You must eat, drink and sleep with tsp talk. You are always so amazingly quick to respond. I do hope you have a "normal" life. Ha Ha!
- Jim

Thanks for your incite into the workings of the market. Your charts on when to buy and sell are excellent.
- Richard

Seeing your post about the change to the tracker rules made me think all over again about how well you manage this huge and very active message board.  You handle everything that pops up here so well and so fairly... You really do have a talent for keeping this all under control. Gold star!
- forum member

Hey Tom,  just wanted to add my name to the list to say thank you.  I refer daily to your commentary and find it superbly informative. 
- Charles

If you are Tom from TSPTalk, then I want you to know that I read your TSP Talk column every day.  I make TSP transfers based on your observations.  You make sense and I too am disappointed in TSP decision to limit transfers...  To let you know, I am up 6 out of the 7 months this year.  Not a big return but I am achieving my goal to be up every month I can.  I also move my son's 401k based on your observations and have good success.  Thanks for your website.
- Rob

Thanks for acknowledging your readers and encouraging a “full duplex” commentary.  I’ve written you maybe just once before.  I read your analysis every day and particularly appreciate the comments such as, “Aaah, who am I kidding.”  I’m not sure how I feel about “technical analysis”, but I appreciate your concern/analysis/fellowship. 
- Daniel




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