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    Just wanted to tell you I think it's cool that you added the "Like / Share" button to the forum. Seems to be very similar to Facebook. I've already "Liked" some posts. How does the "Share" button work, and how is it different from "Reply with quote"?

    Thanks for creating / maintaining / upgrading this great site!

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    Glad you like it (no pun intended ). I didn't even know it was part of another upgrade that was geared toward making the posts and blogs more search engine friendly, but it's fine with me. The big heart at the top of the thread is a little much, but the like / share buttons are modest enough.

    I believe the share button will help you post the link to your twitter account or whatever else is posted. I haven't tried it yet. I'll go ahead and share your post to twitter and see what happens. If someone follows our twitter account ( they will get a link to your post.
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