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    Default Nashville ? the Wife and I are planning a trip to Nashville in late August....never been there before !

    Main reason is to see the Grand-Niece and Hubby ; secondary reason is to see the Wife's Cousin, who lives there, too...

    So I asked the Old High School Friend who is from there....places to see ! Also got a list from the Cousin...

    ...So here's their lists :

    1. Breakfast Pancake Pantry, and get there early.
    2. Hot Chicken at Prince's.
    3. Music Row/Country Music Hall of Fame/etc. It is what it is.
    4. Great concerts at the Ryman Auditorium all the time.
    5. Lower Broadway Bars (my son Caleb will be playing in one of them Sunday 6-10. Don't know which one--it changes. More later). Avoid Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. Go to any of the others. There are dozens and dozens of bars with amazing musicians, ranging from tiny honkytonks to BB King's bar. The pedal steel guitar that sits in with Caleb's band sometimes used to play with Charlie Pride and recorded with the Rolling Stones. Prince's guitarist sat in one night--Prince had just died, and he found himself out of a job, and was trying to catch some gigs in Nashville. Anyway, just pick 4-5. It's a come and go kind of place.
    6. Look around West End: Vanderbilt and The Parthenon replica in Centennial Park are nice.

    ...And if needed: Hooper & Zinn, Attorneys at Law in Brentwood!"

    From the Cousin :

    Pancake Pantry alternative is Fidos. Located less then a block south.
    Biscuit Love in the Gulch for Bfast or lunch
    Belle Meade Mansion on West End Ave is a premier Southern plantation. Tours daily
    Grand Ole Opry at the new Opry House has shows scheduled the weekend u r here
    The Hermitage home of Andrew Jackson is wonderful antebellum home
    12th South for food food food Burger Up, Edley's Bbq, taqueria del Sol, Urban Grub to name a few!
    Jack Daniels is 1 1/2 hours drive. It is in a dry county but understand they do have samples. If that is a factor ��
    Franklin Tn is 25 mins south. Site of one of the last Civil War battles. ... Carton Plantation
    So many options! You may need to stay longer."

    Sooo...any other recommendations from you "locals" ???

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    Default Re: Nashville ?

    Man, that's a lot of territory to cover!! Have a Great time.


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