I don't look too much at the ema's yet. Don't quit understand them at this time although I think they would be helpful when I do. I just look at the TSP auto trackers and how they are positioned in funds. If the top 10 or 25 are mostly into the stocks, then so go I. If they start moving out to the G, then I guess I will. I also have a personal 'stop' so I won't lose as much as I did in 2008. But I really look at the monthly seasonality bar chart. It's a good indicator and it's up for next week. Lastly I look at the sentimental survey. It's at 10% right now.
So take a look at the top 25 of the TSP auto tracker. It's worked for me. At least I've made 4% this year. I think that's a good start. Besides, looking at others and how they're doing in comparison to me, challenges me.
This is mainly what I do. I also look at some other personal 'tea leaves' but they are slight weights probably. Hope this may help you and does not cost you. Have a great weekend and greater next week.