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Thread: New TSP Site - What worked for me

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    Default New TSP Site - What worked for me

    I am starting a thread for those who were able to get by their issues of creating an account, getting logged in, making IFT's etc. There have been a few reported mixed into other threads, but I thought I'd start a new thread for solutions that worked.

    I'll start with an email that I just received.

    I was finally able to contact TSP and set up my new sign in and I wanted to share with your followers that the issue appears to be related to the Chrome Browser. Please let everyone know that they will need to use Edge or Firefox to setup the new sign in.
    Thanks to everyone who is helping out!!
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    On Friday I created my new sign in with only one small problem that was my own fault, I was timed out while thinking of a new longer user name and password. After I decided what to use I logged in again with no problem and finished the process. Thanks to everyone for their previous comments. BTW, I used Safari.

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    My experience was:

    • On 06/01/2022 I noticed the new web site was up, so I began to create new account
    • System did not recognize phone number, so I tried creating account using alternate method
    • This method had me upload either Driver’s License or Passport
    • Upload did not work after several attempts
    • Called the Thrift Line for assistance, I got lucky as I was one of the first in line when they opened at 7am
    • Representative reset me on their end, and I was able to upload my DL
    • To do that correctly you need to have a clear copy with some edge remaining of your picture
    • Need to create 2 security questions/answers before completing your new account
    • You can use either security question or SMS text code to get into account
    • 06/06/2022 now able to do transactions: Change Investment Mix OR Move Money between funds
    • Not sure going to use app however did test it and able to log in and make transactions

    Note: all done using Google Chrome except for the test of their app for iPhone

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    Default Re: New TSP Site - What worked for me

    I have not been so fortunate:
    1. Using MAC OSX Monterey 12.4 on PC, was able to set up account
    2. Wouldn't accept any special characters as the old one had, so dropped them
    3. Set up account with new username and password, was able to peruse the site, getting familiar with where everything is.
    4. Next day (4 June) unable to access site, username password not working - requested password change, site always says "email sent to" - no email - ever - was able to access mobile app with new PIN set p a couple days before and get my balance, appears to be accurate - but would not allow me to change account password, even though it is one of the features of the mobile app.
    5. Called this morning at 8AM EST, waiting time 112mins - got 42 mins left to go (that's the good thing about being retired, we have patience).
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    Default Re: New TSP Site - What worked for me

    Update - got thru at the 96 minute mark, after all obligatory security questions, the assistant tried to access the account I created four days ago, he could not - appears the username had to be at least 8 characters long, no special characters 'cept @ . - _ he could not help me create the account, but turned it over to the IT folks - said to try again in the evening after 1900 EST.

    Okay, about 2100, I decided to try to create the account again, success!! IT folks must have deleted the old attempt and made a clean slate. New username and pswd, created new beneficiary election (needs to be sent to a witness by TSP folks, who electronically sign it and send it back (already completed) the fact my beneficiary lives overseas was not an issue. Was able to make the EFT listed today in TSP Last Look.
    Life is good and back to normal. There is a survey email in my que, I am waiting to answer it after a few days of successful log on to evaluate the new TSP page............the other was so simple, this doesn't look like it Peace.

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    Was on hold with the elevator music for well over an hour...when suddenly a nice young lady picked up the line. She was very patient and walked me through the procedure. Turns out I was inadvertently using autofill in a couple spots (purely out of habit) and that was my problem. Autofill feature in Chrome was the problem. That lady was very helpful and made sure my account functioned properly. My frustrations are gone for now!! Woo Hoo!! Happy happy happy!


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