Observe Common Courtesy

“Flame Wars” will not be tolerated. “Flame wars” are those events when two or more people exchange insults and name-calling (ad hominem attacks) to get their message across. This behavior, in most cases, result from individuals who have trouble forming rational and intelligent arguments to rebut an idea they disagree with. They may also result from simply having a "bad market day".

No Spam

Spam in internet terms is not the meat by-product we’ve all come to love. Spam refers to intrusive, unsolicited information usually in the form of advertisement. Posting advertisements for unrelated web sites or services is simply not acceptable. In addition, posting many repeat posts just to gain coverage on the forums is not permitted.

Consequences of Breaking The Rules:

The passionate nature of the discussions may at times result in actions we later regret. This happens to the best of us. This is nothing an apology cannot fix. However, in addition to the occasional loss of temper, there are a few out there who seem to enjoy causing trouble. They will post inappropriate information in various forums and make comments with intent to start flame wars, add spam, etc.

To keep such occurrences to a minimum, TSP Talk moderators read these forums and try to keep things appropriate. If posts are found to violate any rules mentioned above, moderators will take action.

Please remember that posting on this discussion forum, as any other, is a privilege, not a right. Please treat it that way. If your posts are removed due to a violation of the rules, do not be offended or take it personally. We are in the enterprise of discussing topics which may become sensitive at times.

We do not care to censor anyone, but if discussions degenerate into something incoherent and irrational, moderators will apply their editorial and judicial powers.

Please do not hesitate to contact a moderator if you have any questions or to report any violations.

Thank you.