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    U.S. to Set Electric-Vehicle Sales Goal of 50% by 2030

    Currently electric vehicle sales made up 3% of total U.S. market in June and July. Do you think 50% is reasonable in 8.5 years? Will the oil industry let that happen? Thought?
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    No. No way is that a reasonable goal. It would have to be possible to be reasonable.
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    Take away the subsidies, the party is over. Subsidies are fine to start, but when are we going to take the training wheels off Tesla? A $700B company that gets almost $3B in government subsidies. The folks pitching the EV story all seem like snake oil salesmen to me.

    Politicians can say anything they want today because they know they won't be liable when the piper calls. By 2030, many who voted or signed this kind of bill will be long gone. (Some will literally be dead). Look what happened to all those promised pensions that got canned.

    Only way it's possible is with coal and some big upgrades to our electrical grid. Oil still works very well and cars are of today are much more efficient and last longer than the ones from 10 years ago.


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