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Thread: Area 51 raid

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    ‘Storm Area 51’ creator pulls out of his own event, calling it Fyre Festival 2.0

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    It's Alienstock! Thousands descend on two tiny Nevada desert towns as three-day 'Storm Area 51' event kicks off despite promise of arrest for trespassing on the top secret government site

    'Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us' event has commenced in rural Nevada

    Thousands of people have already started arriving in the towns of Rachel and Hiko, located close to the highly classified Air Force base

    Authorities are bracing for potentially chaotic scenes after more than 2 million people said they were attending the event after a Facebook invite went viral in June

    Officials are warning attendees not to approach to base and say they are prepared to make arrests

    Last week, police arrested and jailed two Dutch tourists for trespassing on a government site after they were inspired by the Area 51 event

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    Thanks! That link has some funny stuff! This is a people watching … But I wouldn't want to be there for long. I mean, like where's the potty and food and drink and where ya gonna sleep? Maybe a short trip from Vegas just for the show... !
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    It's a parody but wise advice at the end........."And-don't do it folks. Whatever you're gonna do don't, don't do it.

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