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    although a common colloquial phrase around here, have you ever wondered what the term "sticky pants" means?

    the first i heard it was from birchtree. lately it seems to mean "i need some tight pants to hold in the market crap i'm about to get served". but i always thought it referred to what birch called "sit tight and be right". in other words, glue your butt to that seat and do your job, that's an order.

    it's the difference of perspective that defines it. one is hold my crap together, and the other is put it all out, commit.

    so maybe sticky pants aren't for keep your continence, but rather "stay put". now that was one guy who never got tossed from the saddle.

    what do sticky pants mean to you?

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    Great topic!

    One of my favorite BT sayings. At least as I remember. Problem is I wouldn't want to be the guy who needs to rely on my memory for say a life or death situation.

    Since he is the ultimate perma-bull, I took it as stay invested in stocks. Keep yo pants on. don't drop yo drawers when we hit volatility. I sort of took it that when you jump to safety, you ripped yo pants off. I think velcro is not a material found anywhere near the guy.

    Maybe just an interpretation for my own amusement..

    He really does have 50 pounders, and for the most part, it has paid off handsomely. Any dip would bring a comment of buying stocks on the cheap.

    Now for me it might deal with continence, but he's got an iron stomach. Never a need for Tums no matter what the market does. I'm a bit more of a wus. I've been in the G fund way too long.

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    Okay so I decided to search the Web for a definition to the term "sticky pants". I found a male definition and a female definition. They were both sexual in nature, so as not to offend anyone or gross them out, I will not post what I found. But if you are curious, do a search on "sticky pants definition".

    For me personally, I use the term to describe that I am remaining in the market during a downtrend in the hopes that it goes back up...

    Raven out!

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    For me it means I'm staying stuck to the roller coaster seat so I don't get tossed out.
    May the force be with us.


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