Just a reminder, as we roll into a new year, that the L2020 fund will cease to exist later this year.

The last time we hit a rollover mark, (the L2010 fund back in 2010) it was on July 1st of that year that the TSP formally rolled the L2010 into the L-Income fund.

They havenít announced exactly when the L2020 will roll over and become L-Income, but I would assume it will be on that same kind of timeline. Perhaps July this year. Or, then again, maybe not until the end of the year. We shall see.

Also know that the Thrift Board has been discussing changing the L funds to incorporate a set of FIVE (5) year funds as well, I.e. L2025, L2035, etc.

No formal word yet on a date for that to roll out either, but I would make an educated guess and say that might happen this year as well.

Happy New Year to all- and letís hope 2020 is profitable for all of us as well.