Japanís Financial Services Agency (FSA) is planning to realign and streamline the Tokyo Stock Exchange ó the world's third-largest by market cap ó from four trading markets to three.
What's Happening With The Tokyo Stock Exchange?
The TSE operates four cash equity markets for investors, including non-professional; First Section; Second Section; Mothers; and JASDAQ.
A plan is in motion to revamp the Tokyo Stock Price Index (Topix) of all issues listed on the TSEís First Section into a new index covering fewer actively traded stocks.
Yasumasa Tahara, the director of Japanís Financial Services Agency, discussed the realigning of the TSE during a press conference on Wednesday hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
The TSE First Section does not have some very good companies,it is hard for the TSE to sort hem out and the recent performance of the Topix has been dragged by those companies, Tahara told Benzinga.
The FSA is thinking about re-categorizing them and creating a premium market, he said, adding that the companies that belong to the market should have good corporate governance.