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Thread: Is the I-Fund Poison?

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    For the past few years I've been reading economic/ market literature saying that investing in the international market is going to be the best place to make some great gains especially with how fast countries are developing, with outsourcing on the rise etc. Within the last few years however the I-Fund just wasn't doing too hot. It never regained those gains/ values from 2007/2008 that it once had. Are there any people out there that still believe in the I-Fund or is it poison? I've learned the hard way that sticking to the C-Fund and S-Fund is the best option.

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    While it seems like the time to give up on International Equities (negative interest rates, Brexit, terror, Russia, etc.) historically that is a good time to enter markets. It can't go much lower maybe. Buy low sell high should sound familiar. I personally am not all in on the I fund, but I am keeping 20% there and holding my nose. Just my 2 cents.

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    May be, tho I-fund finished strong today (after a number of downers recently). I'm mostly in G, w/%5F and 5%I; glad to see it Pop-up today anyway.


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