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Thread: F Fund 11/29/11 Close

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    Charts showed (AGG) F Bond fund closing at 109.66 11/29/11 which was up .04% from previous day close. TSP share prices posted down at .09% which was a negative 1.4 cents per share. Contacted TSP and they are sending for an explanation of my inquiry. I check the charts periodically and do the math many times before the share prices post and am usually within a fraction of what is posted. A .13% swing or 1.5 cents per share does not fall within my margin for error. Anyone else see this or have explanation?

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    Deucsiwild, I'm no F fund expert but reading some of the other threads your question seems to be a common one. I may be wrong but from what I have read it is possible that the difference you see may have to do with an adjustment to the 10 and 20 year yields.
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