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    A Winter of Giant Gas Bills Is Coming. Are You Ready?

    U.S. households are projected to spend more on heating than they have in several years

    I hope the link works. It's a pay site but it says it's a "free" link.
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    Ouch. I'm getting new gas boiler, 15% higher-efficiency plus hydronic & secondary DHW heating system improvements for hopefully even more efficiency. It is costly yet perhaps good timing. Thanks for the post.

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    Well, I guess if you live in California this isn't a problem anymore since new homes are built without a gas hookup. The sun can keep them warm in the winter.

    How is this happening? The US is sitting on some of the largest natural gas wells in the world. What is wrong with this country's leadership?

    The article gives absolutely no explanation for the rise in gas prices besides the "all commodities are going up." Why and how? China isn't hoarding commodities anymore after the collapse of their housing market and likely beginning of a recession.

    The agency attributed its forecast to rising energy prices—natural-gas futures have this year reached a seven-year high—and the likelihood of a more frigid winter than what most of the country saw last year.
    Colder? I thought we were all going to die from global warming? Now apparently any time the temperature is not exactly at the average for the past 100 years of record keeping, it's "climate change". How does humanity end, melting or freezing?


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