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    The Fed announced today it will expand its Main Street Lending Program. Its lowering its minimum loan amount, lifting its maximum loan amount, and lengthening its loan terms.

    Stocks are climbing on the news the last hour of trading today.

    Don't fight the Fed.

    I read this in the Wall Street Journal.. I know not everyone is subscribed to them but I'll leave the link anyway.

    Fed Makes Terms More Favorable for Main Street Lending Program
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    Disclaimer: This is not advice or a recommendation.

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    So much for being your own boss. You work for Uncle Sam now.

    At the same time, some environmental groups have sharply criticized the Fed for trying to reach more businesses because they are worried it will allow oil-and-gas firms that can’t qualify for support from other Fed lending facilities to avoid bankruptcy.
    Chesapeake just announced bankruptcy after hours. I'm sure the people concerned with the minutia will consider that a victory justifying more (government subsidized) renewable energy.


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