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Thread: Quote from MONEX REVIEW today

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    Exclamation Quote from MONEX REVIEW today


    From veteran gold analyst James Sinclair, on his website ( this week:

    "It is my suspicion that exactly what has impacted gold on the downside, which is the bankruptcy of more than one commodities hedge fund, comprises the circumstances that would push this politically expedient manipulative market action into a crisis situation.

    In an attempt to paint a picture of calm by stressing strong economic growth, lack of inflation and peace in the world for early November, they have broken the bank. The broader ramification is for much higher gold prices as the phoenix gets launched out of the ashcan. The common stock of those that tried to paint this rosy November picture will drop precipitously. It is called the US dollar. The evidence for this once again is the fact that the US dollar has moved sideways even though markets have reached all-time highs. Something is rotten my friends and it is not in the state of Denmark."

    ain't dat jest what we'all been asaying......!?!

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    Default Re: Quote from MONEX REVIEW today

    Yes, Grandma I think it started today!! Time to get "I"d, after the bells and whistles.
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    Default Re: Quote from MONEX REVIEW today

    Don't be so quick to jump ship - you'll get left on the dock. You can easily see a 150 banger come Monday. Large price declines just don't happen with the MCSUMs this high. No they don't. Focus on the factors that will eventually force policymakers to ease.

    As in the 1994-95 experience the T-bill appears to have unlinked with the Fed funds rate. Following the same pattern as it did in 1995 as the market was about to lift-off into a 50% gain in the next 15 months, and 165% over the next four years. Goodness I'm so bullish I stink from manure.

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    I remember in that movie "Silence of the Lambs," there is that white smear stuff you can wipe under your nose to cut down on the odor.



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