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Thread: multifactor authentication

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    Default multifactor authentication

    I got a USPS letter from Verizon dated 16 Dec 20 saying an unknown party acquired the user name and password of my online account. OK it happens and I was indeed locked out of my account. Changing the password fixed that.

    The disturbing part is the letter goes on to state if I have other accounts that verify my identity by having a code sent by text message, I should also consider them compromised.

    So much for multi factor authentication.

    The letter is somewhat suspect as it is worded as to a child and not printed centered on the page.

    Just FYI for you all.

    There has been discussion on the MB about the updated login procedures. Are they really secure? SMS and MMS are not particularly.


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    Default Re: multifactor authentication

    This is most likely a phishing scam. Does your real account number show up? Does it even have your name on it?

    Does your letter look like this?


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