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    on this veteran's day, let us all take a moment to consider and be thankful for the time, effort, and personal sacrifice the members of our armed services have contributed to secure our nation and provide a country where we can exercise our freedoms. the freedom to pursue our dreams, the freedom to speak our voices, and the freedom to vote and have a say in who we allow to govern us.

    thank you veterans, and god bless america.


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    Good one Donkey..Me and a bunch of my old Navy buddies are getting together this weekend.
    A wise man speaks when he has something to say...A FOOL speaks when he just has to say something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    Good one Donkey..Me and a bunch of my old Navy buddies are getting together this weekend.
    well good on you, sir. i've not served, in that capacity, but i've got friends that have and do, also teachers, neighbors, coworkers, from all walks of life. thank you. sometimes it irritates folks that i will just stop what i'm doing and stand for the anthem, probably even my poker buddies get bothered, but i will let pocket aces rot on the table and my time expire rather than not stand. that is not an easy task our armed services accept, so hat's off.

    i used to live in seattle and have been to seafair more than a few times. blue angels rock, any flyover rocks. at nfl, at high school football games, at cal ripkin little league games, everywhere there is regular people, we stand. and there is regular people everywhere, as we just were reminded on tuesday.

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    Right on brother..thank you for the praise and respect you show ...
    A wise man speaks when he has something to say...A FOOL speaks when he just has to say something

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    Did a search using vbulletin search and got many pages I would have to search myself. Vbulletin search is not great.

    Found bulletin board/veterans day post from last year by burrocrat in from last year.
    I know there have been past posts in different places. It doesnít matter where it is posted as long as it is acknowledged by readers. So a reply to the burrocratís last year post.

    Today is my in lieu of holiday for tomorrowís observed holiday for feds. FWIW, no local entities are celebrating except to entice vets to spend money.

    Veteranís day story that I may have posted before.
    On Monday 1/11/91 I stopped by my local American Legion post at about 8AM for a cup of coffee. I did have the free coffee. I had the day off. Others were there, and someone bought a round of beers in honor of the occasion. This was 26 years ago and I may be smarter now or at least I am not single and answerable to someone. During the course of the morning some of the newer members who were Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Desert Sword/Desert Sabre vets (bet you will have to look up the last two) came in. Someone (not me I swear) started buying these new vets round after round of drinks. A splendid time was had by all comparing stories and how ops were different from the previous times. Free lunch was offered around noon. One particular vet I remember since he called in sick to work and did not advise his SO as to his activities. When this fact came out the collective membership did their best to mitigate this circumstance. I remember that early afternoon we all (most) stopped drinking alcohol and thought about getting everyone home safe. The vet who didnít advise his SO was beyond sobering up and one member drove him home in the vets vehicle followed by another member to give the ride back. Not all of us were drinking but there was a tremendous sense of camaraderie amongst all era veterans that day. Donít remember how the particular vet dealt with his SO but he didnít come around the Legion for a while. Totally socially and politically incorrect celebration of an occasion but an example of vets having each otherís back.

    Veterans Day is a day to honor all military veterans. Not to be confused with Memorial Day or Armed Forces Day.

    Celebrate the occasion however you see fit but do thank any vets you know. Veterans day is actually 11/11 on Saturday.


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