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Thread: How About a POLITICS subforum

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    Default Re: How About a POLITICS subforum

    That's right James, one big happy dysfunctional American family. lol You guys are the best!
    Socrates: "Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequaled alike."

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    Quote Originally Posted by James48843 View Post
    Hey- I'm among the top offenders- but you know what?

    I love each and every one of you. You're family.

    Each family has their own quirks- kind of like the Uncle who you only see at Thanksgiving- who has silly habits- but you still love them anyway, cause they are family.

    All of you- I won't mention any names because if I leave anyone out - well, I would be sorry. But all of you are family. And I enjoy a great debate. Makes me think hard about what I believe, and why.

    And in the end, we are ALL - A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S. Part of this great nation of ours. Proud to be part of the mix- from the far right to the far left, and everyone in between.

    Thank you, Family members. L;-)
    I couldn't agree more James, we are family warts and all.

    “Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.” - Huxley’s Brave New World

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    Default Re: How About a POLITICS subforum

    Ah family,

    I need some money. Who has a few Ben's they can part with?
    Fear is the greatest buy signal ever seen in the stock markets - Birchtree

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    Default Re: How About a POLITICS subforum

    Good morning! I'm back from my project, and note with interest (and a little trepidation) that we can't leave this subject and go on to others. So I’ll add the best political information that I’ve seen lately. I hope you all enjoy the read!


    Kirby: Open letter to our new president-elect
    By Robert Kirby
    Tribune Columnist

    Salt Lake Tribune
    Dear Mr. President:
    Congratulations on your victory at the polls. You are now the leader of the free world whether anybody likes it or not. Frankly, I give you about a week to figure out that you don't.

    As a participant in the process that put you in office, I am writing to offer you the benefit of the common man's advice. Men don't come more common than me. Ask my wife.

    First, please do not let the victory go to your head. You aren't smart as you think you are. In fact, you aren't even as smart as your supporters claim. We're all going to find that out in the next four years, so there's no point in pretending otherwise.

    It doesn't take a genius to be president. I offer as proof any number of dolts we have elected to the country's highest office. So please remember that the trust we've placed in you isn't necessarily a compliment.

    The truth is that most Americans could do your job. They could even be good presidents if they remembered to keep things simple. And that's what I'm writing to you about now.

    Most Americans know what needs to be done. We learned it growing up, or at least those of us with decent parents did. Presumably, that includes you. Here's what my parents taught me that would also work in the White House.

    ENVIRONMENT -- If you make a mess, you have to clean it up. It doesn't matter how long ago you made the mess, or who else helped, you still have to clean it up--even if it takes all day.

    FOREIGN POLICY -- You are not the most important person in the world. If you think you are, you need to be taken down a notch or two.

    EDUCATION -- Stupidity will always cost more than tuition.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE -- Bullies always have to look over their shoulders. Be strong but don't pick on your sisters, or your father will kick your ass when he gets home.

    CRIME -- A punishment equal to or worse than the deed is the most effective way of remembering not to do it again.

    ECONOMY -- If you want something, go earn the money for it. If you borrow more than you can repay, you deserve to have your thumbs broke.

    HEALTH CARE -- Eat right, work hard, don't smoke, brush your teeth, wear your seat belt, and look both ways before crossing the street. If it's not your fault, we'll help you pay to fix it.

    There's more, but I think you get the point. Our problems aren't that complicated. Your presidency shouldn't be either.
    Best of luck
    Robert Kirby
    Salt Lake Tribune

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    Arrow Re: How About a POLITICS subforum

    This thread will not become a politics sub-forum.

    But, if you want to discuss certain issues, please simply create a thread in The Lounge... and play fair.

    Thank you.
    "Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7

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