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Just a suggestion, it would be great if we could have the YTD return percentage added to the banner with likes given/recieved/post count/etc. Current allocation ther ewould be wonderful too.

Just would be nice to be able to see how people are doing next to their names in order to understand their strategies and how well it is working for them.

Understand you might not be able to link the 2 databases, but seems like a very logical thing to do, good for bragging rights!
After playing with this awhile, the easiest way to accomplish it (and without slowing down the page loads) was to put a link to the forum member's AutoTracker Profile page. It's under the "Likes". It will bring up a new window so that you don't lose where you are on the forum.

If a members does not have an AutoTracker account, the page just comes up blank.