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Thread: NFL Football

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    Quote Originally Posted by alevin View Post
    saving for the belt would mean you would be certain to have the belt, 100% odds on winning. Eagles winning? somewhere less than 100%, I presume otherwise nobody would bet on other teams.
    saving for the belt in no way equals 100% of odds of getting the belt, there is always the possibility that the belt company either goes out of business or that i tap the savings jar for beer money long before i ever get to $180.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpcavin View Post
    Burro the Gambling Man. It has a certain je ne sais quoi ring to it.
    why yes, yes it does.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpcavin View Post
    If he quit drinking beer, he could have the belt and the premium service. What are the odds of that happening? He's got better odds finding a sugar momma.
    but what would be the point? why have a belt with a bottle opener and sit around watching football with no beer? for that matter, belt and beer no football, or the least attractive option, beer and football with no belt? i am getting that belt, i am not quitting drinking beer, and i am going to watch carson wentz play football for the eagles, that is just how it is going to be so the "take the belt charity money and bet it on the eagles" is the most practical path to achieving all three the way i see it. sugar mama is out of the question because no woman is going to put up with all three.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    i usually only do that on holiday weekends, and it is not a style choice. it is to mask my scent and throw the hunter drones off my trail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0nkuzh0n View Post
    I invested in NFL Sunday ticket streaming (Don't have DirecTV) this year for $99 for the season
    the small local cable company i have is airing it on cbs this opening weekend, i will have to check the schedule for future games but the eagles are likely to be blacked out for nfl regional action any time the vikings, packers, or broncos are on at the same time. but i have some time to decide before the 2nd week of the season.

    i don't even know if my cable company offers an nfl package, but that streaming idea sounds good at that price. i don't have a dvr or anything but i can stream ufc fights through my kid's xbox so maybe that would work for the tv because i don't want to watch the games on my laptop computer and moving to a major market is not really an appealing idea to me for many more reasons than just football.

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    I have the opposite problem... I'll always get the Eagles game, but I want the Packers games.

    I only have basic comcast cable. like "45" channels or something. Only about 5 that I even watch.

    I've got Verizon, so I can stream all locally broadcast games through their exclusive NFL app, if I didn't have basic cable/antenna. Used to be able to get ALL games with this, with GPS location spoofing... but they fixed it last year.

    This year I got NFL sunday ticket, which broadcasts non-local/out of market games on Sundays (which most of the Packers games will be out of market or nationally televised).

    NFL sunday ticket is DirecTV exclusive, but they now offer a streaming option. Its $200 for the season, or $100 if you are a student/know a student in college (

    I've got an HTPC (PC hooked up to the TV) that I can watch it with. But you could just as easily use a chromecast to get it from your phone/tablet to the TV.
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    A wise man speaks when he has something to say...A FOOL speaks when he just has to say something

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    take some "responsadamnbility". ha, that is a good one.

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    well, my local channel is showing steelers v bengals so i don't get to watch whether my pick the ravens win or lose today. and philly is playing on monday night football so that one is free on the non-premium networks this week. not sure about philly next week but that is against the steelers too so maybe that one will play live local here.

    i looked into that nfl all access pass but it is only streaming all games after the fact - not live near as i can tell. and it would be $300 to get the full unlimited season game pass. for that price i would rather spend 3 hours with brittany spears, or buy a belt and only get one hour with fergie.

    let's get it started in here.

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    oohhh i'm so excited, pete the pizza maker app is making our order right now! double pepperoni, hawaiian, hot wings, cheesy sticks, cinna sticks, cokes, and a some extra sauce, but for that price they should thrown in the delivery gal too. at least i don't have to dirty any plates or do dishes. aahh, simple pleasures.

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    well how else would you expect the national anthem to go off in place called soldier field? inspiring.

    now it's time to get on the wentz wagon, home town boy gonna light it up, make jay soon-to-be-cut ler think about retirement.

    i can tell because i can hear the music through the ether, stars are aligned. i got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet.

    don't be afraid, just dance dance dance.

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    oh man, just before halftime wentz laid in there soft as butter for the td and matthews dropped it. it happens. cutler's bomb benefited from an offensive holding not called. but that happens too. it all evens out in the end. but that is a quarterback of high caliber, smart, fearless, and built like a brick sh*thouse.

    hold on tight ethel.

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    that's right, fumbalina fumbalaya. now, there are some calls going against this rookie qb this early and he just starting out gonna have to earn that benefit of the doubt. but it don't shake him. and these eagles are going start responding and playing up a level. gonna knock some poor bears out of their forkin shoes.

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    you know what to do with kielbasa in chicago? yep. eat it. hoo hoooo!

    coaches gonna coach their people up. but wentz is quarterbacking his team up. gonna demand more of them at the level he giving himself. watch. on fire.

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    ha! i am bound to the steelers the first game of every season, family matters, but if they lose then all bets off. until the playoffs! ho hell ya! put your stephon tuitt! he smackin crackin jackin that stuff. take 'em out. this a walk off now.

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