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Thread: Rio Olympics

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    Teen shooter wins USA's first gold medal of Games

    American shooter Ginny Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics, pulling off an upset in the women's 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning.
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    and apparently she was able to triumph despite some kind of robot attached to her cheek.

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    Reports claim Olympic kayaker capsized after hitting underwater sofa

    Paul Kelso, a journalist for Sky Sports in the UK, reported on Friday that an Olympic kayaker had capsized after hitting a submerged couch.
    No, really.
    fortunately this all happened on the conditioned and chlorinated indoor practice loop, not out in the open feces-infested bay where the official competition is set to take place. event organizers report that the spot where the accident happened was near a popular break time gathering place for laborers while the facility was under construction. i hope he was smart enough to check under the cushions for loose change while he was down there.

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    French gymnast suffers gruesome broken leg at Olympics (Warning: graphic video) - Yahoo Sports

    On the first full day of Olympic competition, we already have a heartbreaking story.
    oh snap. i am definitely crossing "become a gymnast and compete for the french team in the vault" off my list.

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    Stray bullet finds its way into Rio media tent at equestrian center

    Things continue to go exceptionally well at Rio, if you disregard the stray bullets making their way into media tents.

    The explanation being floated around was that it was a stray military bullet from a nearby base.
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    heads up.

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    Gymnast Marisa Dick has created a tricky move with a trickier name - Yahoo Sports

    For most gymnasts, that’s an honor beyond compare. But as The Wall Street Journal notes, for Trinidad and Tobago’s Marisa Dick, it’s, well … it’s a bit more than that. Marisa, you see, has already created a new move approved by the International Gymnastics Federation.
    Its technical name is a “a change-leg leap to free-cross split sit.”
    Its colloquial name is, yes … “The Dick.”
    no comment.

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    Default Re: Rio Olympics

    I enjoy watching a variety of Olympic events. World class athletes performing at the highest level.
    But, the Rio games smell of corruption. At least I think that what that smell is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorCat View Post
    I enjoy watching a variety of Olympic events.
    i enjoy watching synchronized swimming.

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    also, i enjoy watching beach volleyball. the level of international competition is titillating.


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    Gymnastics: Smith's 'man bun' gets attention on pommel horse

    The man who waltzed to victory in Britain's version of "Dancing with the Stars" after claiming a silver medal at the 2012 London Games on his signature apparatus was happy with his new look as it saves time with his daily beauty regime.
    man bun? never heard of it before. this is not about what you think it is.

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    Brazen thieves have no fear as they snatch bags and phones from pedestrians wandering through the streets of the Olympic city


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    Watching women's field hockey. Those girls are super fit.
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    Anyone see the Men's 4x100 freestyle relay? The move by Phelps at the turn was pretty incredible to watch. Ultimately that was what gave us the win He was slightly behind when he jumped into the pool (he was 2nd leg) and touched the wall at the turn in 2nd place. When he surfaced from the kick-off, he was a full second ahead. There are some replays of the view from underwater, but IMO it doesn't show the impact well. The birds-eye-view they showed real time was the best view for how impactful that 15 meters was.
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