Hi everyone, TSP Talk has joined the list of forums that can be accessed via a smart phone app called Forum Runner.

About the app:

Forum Runner allows you to browse your favorite forums on the go! Upload attachments from your camera or from your library, receive push notifications of private messages and subscriptions, and more. Supports forum moderation for forum admins on-the-go. View and vote on polls, view attached images, and more!

Free and Paid available:

There is a free version for iphone and android os. Free version is only allows you to read the forums/private messages. The paid version ($3.99) will allow you to read/post threads, subscribe and so on. Forum Runner charges this fee (not us).


  • Free Version: iPhone, Android (Read only)
  • Paid Version: iPhone, Android (Read/Write/Subscribe - Payment goes fully to Forum Runner, not TSP Talk)

Once in Forum Runner, our forum is in the category called "Business" and the subcategory is "Finance".

You can always fully browse and interact on TSP Talk for free even without this app via a phone browser
. Apps just makes simpler and easier on your phone.

Other Forum App options:

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