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    Any Drummers out there ? ? ? ?
    Even if your not, this is just so cool to watch. It's an old clip. I miss going to shows like this. Sad to say, I'm not sure that giant arena shows packed with people will ever happen any time soon.
    Shannon Larkin (the drummer on the right) is from my area. I used to go see him play in small clubs in his first band Wrathchild America. Super nice guy !!
    Full Screen and Crank it UP !!! \m/ \m/


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    (from a few years ago / NSFW for a few cuss words)
    1) local kid goes to FOO FIGHTERS show
    2)wears KISS face paint (Gene Simmons) and has sign that says "Let me play Monkey Wrench".
    3)After 2 hours, he gets called on stage by Dave Grohl to play with the band, and CRUSHES IT
    4)The band is shocked, and most are laughing through the whole thing because they never expected it (especially Dave)
    5)the kid has the whole place chanting KISS GUY, KISS GUY.......and goes home a rock star. \m/ \m/
    (watch till the end of the song / so cool)

    DAVE: "Hey Kiss Guy..... I'm lookin at you".....and... "do you suck" ....... LOL


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