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Thread: Analyst Predictions

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    Tony Dwyer predicts an upcoming pullback that will be followed by a continuation of the bull market. He also shares an interesting take on the Federal Reserve's current mindset with interest rates and the economy.

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    Great information here a good topic thanks!

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    Vincent Deluard is claiming the 'peak' of the bull market is coming with the 'peak' of millennials.

    Market analyst ponders whether we’ve hit ‘peak FANG, peak Pot, peak millennials’

    The struggles in FAANG stocks have analyst seeing the beginning of the end of Millennials dictating market trends and it is now Gen Z's time to shine. Very thought provoking. I am in the Millennial generation and I can agree by looking outward (though not inward) amongst my generation that we are losing our cool 'factor'. Friends are starting families and no one respectable my age is posting on the new hot social media Tik Tok… if you've ever heard of it.

    So what companies will die with the end of the Millennials' reign and which will shift accordingly to take on Gen Z? And what new companies will take their place?

    In my opinion, coming from what I see amongst people younger than me, when it comes to the FAANG names.. Amazon, Google, and Apple will persist while Facebook and Netflix will be left behind..

    Its common knowledge amongst my peers that the social media platform Facebook is dying. One thing going for them is they own Instagram which is still 'hot'.

    Netflix may not die but will likely leave the top seat as it has to continually compete; it will eventually lose like we saw in the numbers during its earnings report. It may not just lose to other movie streamers but to get the attention of the younger generation it is also competing against video games like Fortnite.


    What do you remember about past take overs of new generations in pop culture? What type of companies prevailed? How did the broad market react?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyIV View Post

    What do you remember about past take overs of new generations in pop culture? What type of companies prevailed? How did the broad market react?
    I still think My Space is going to make a comeback.

    Napster was kind of a similar new thing (like social media), although they were more rebellious and tried to bypass the music industry and got run out of town. itunes took over but now streaming music is everywhere.

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    Is the stock market set up for another late-year nose dive?

    More analysts say stocks are peaking. This time its not millennials or the Federal Reserve; it will be the European economy that will be the bull market's demise. Essentially the argument is stocks are currently overvalued, the weakening European economy will strengthen the dollar, stock prices will drop to match the higher valued currency which will trigger a broad sell off.

    The bullish account of this article points out that while stocks are up impressively since the beginning of 2019, gains are less impressive since mid-2018. The late 20% correction of last year has skewed the outlook of the performance of stocks. Some indices, such as those that represent small cap companies, are off their highs and have room to grow from here. Earnings so far have been doing stock indices a favor so the economic outlook has yet to scare stock buyers.

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    Goldman vs Morgan ~ Bulls vs Bears

    Analysts from the two giant investment banks see different futures for the same market.

    Goldman Sachs foresee the bull market in the S&P 500 extending to at least the end of 2020.

    JP Morgan's analysts say the current state of the market doesn't match their numbers and see a 'significant downside risk' for stock prices.

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    I guess that's what makes a market. Goldman can bid and JP Morgan can ask, and if they agree on a price, we have a trade. Let the fun begin.

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    Morgan Stanley analysts warn of a global recession in 3 quarters if Trump imposes 25% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese goods.

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    Nomura macro macro strategists says this bounce is a selling opportunity in front of a larger sell-off..

    ..we would expect any near-term rally to be no more than a head fake, and think that any such rally would be best treated as an opportunity to sell in preparation for the second wave of volatility that we expect will arrive in late August or early September. We would add here that the second wave may well hit harder than the first, like an aftershock that eclipses the initial earthquake. At this point, we think it would be a mistake to dismiss the possibility of a Lehman-like shock as a mere tail risk.
    Brace for a 2nd wave in stock-market volatility — and this one could be ‘Lehman-like,’ says Nomura

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    Investment manager Mark Mobius sees stock markets rising if central banks continue to cut rates. The Fed is expected to cut rates again in September sparking new stimulus while stocks are currently cheaper than they were during the last rate cut.

    Central banks ‘racing to the bottom’ means one thing, says Mark Mobius: that the stock market will do ‘very well’

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    Morgan Stanley continues to cry bear. Morgan Stanley strategists Mike Wilson claims stocks will fall more with the Fed losing market faith and Trump nowhere near a deal with China.

    Mike Wilson also discredits the bulls victory in the strong consumer market. He claims the consumer and the job market are always the last to go.

    Stocks could fall another 8% as ‘Trump put’ and ‘Fed put’ expire, says Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson

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    Stock prices regained some ground today in response to the sell off on Friday, yet CNBC published another bear cry. Analysts from Nomura are calling for a sell-off with the same caliber as December's sell-off as soon as a week. The market is vulnerable to big swings right now with the lower volume trading this time of year.

    A sell-off worse than December can arrive in a week, says analyst who is predicting ‘Lehman-like’ drop

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