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    Once again, bitcoin investors hold their breath for an ETF approval

    The crypto community anxiously awaits a possible exchange-traded fund, or ETF, approval this week.
    According to Securities and Exchange Commission rules, the agency has until Thursday to decide on a bitcoin futures-based ETF submitted by ProShares.

    An ETF for bitcoin could bring in a wave of institutional buyers and help struggling prices.

    Kate Rooney | @Kr00ney

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    Unsustainable trend watch: Ethereum ETF is trading at a massive premium.

    Would you pay someone $205 for an asset worth only $21.87?

    Of course not; what a ridiculous question.

    And yet, investors in the Ethereum Trust ($ETHE) are doing just that, paying a stunning 837% premium above the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying holdings (Ethereum, a cryptocurrency).


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