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  1. Re: Tesla Cracks $1,000 Again Despite Lousy State Sales Data

    Continues to defy gravity with earnings that don't matter. If this company is doing so good, I don't understand why its sales are still being propped up with government subsidies.

    Less than one...
  2. Thread: Death Crosses

    by Bullitt

    Re: Death Crosses

    Selling at the death cross in late March would have been a bad idea. Are they going to get back in now that we seem to have a golden cross?

  3. Re: 5 Charts tracking how economy is recovering

    Lumber futures below. What an ascent. I'm wondering the the same will happen to oil when things get going again. All those...
  4. Re: Milwaukee Bucks Co-Owner ‘Very confident’ NBA games will resume despite soaring c

    I'm not so optimistic for MLB and NFL. College sports will be a wildcard as some conferences are sure to bow out as did the Ivy League already in football. Ivy League has their endowments and don't...
  5. China’s ‘Too Sudden’ Bond Selloff Is at Mercy of Stock Rally

    Forget the bond market, every government intervenes there. I wonder how much the CPC intervenes in their equity markets.

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    Re: Crypto ETF News

    Coinbase possibly going public in 2020. Even though commissions have been axed on stock trading, Coinbase still makes money on crypto-currency transactions.

  7. Citadel Securities Says Retail Is 25% of the Market During Peaks

    Zero commissions and people hanging out not working has had a huge hand in the volume. If it's retail trading driving the price, then why are investment houses constantly upgrading the tech stocks?...
  8. Re: U.S. third-quarter growth unrevised; consumer spending strong

    What a difference a shutdown makes.

    Now analysts are saying people won't go back to their normal spending habits. Some of those reasons make sense, but I wonder how many Americans finally...
  9. Re: 3 Ridiculously Cheap Dividend Stocks to Buy Today

    WBA is down some 10% since that report. Stock buybacks have been halted which is not a surprise, but that never goes over well. Dividend was increased by a penny.

    Support around 35, or the low,...
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    Re: Watching the Banks

    Reality is starting to set in for the banks in a zero interest rate policy environment. The more the banks drop, the more likely dividend cuts are to occur, but if buybacks are suspended, free cash...
  11. Re: Don’t be like Warren Buffett — avoid value stocks for now

    Berkshire adding to their natural gas portfolio by buying Dominion Energy. It is likely the sector will see continued consolidation into 2021.

    Interesting you don't see BRK jumping on the...
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    Re: Streaming TV Anyone?

    I haven't been able to find a one stop shop that covers all the needs of cable + DVR, but it can be done. The killer is internet. Once you un-bundle that from the cable provider, you'll likely pay...
  13. Thread: ^VIX

    by Bullitt

    Re: ^VIX

    Gap filled from most recent swoon.

    Watch out below (25). Listless summer trading is in full effect.

  14. Re: The Nasdaq is exhibiting signs of panic-like buying--not selling--even as the sto

    NDX now around 17% above it's 200 DMA. 17% mark was about how far it got stretched before the COVID panic crash.

    Tech due for some cooling, and so are we with temps abnormally high in the low to...
  15. Re: A broken uptrend in a key government bond yield is a bad omen for stocks

    Bonds not wanting it all appear so easy. TNX took a shot at an upside breakout this week. Support at 6 level.

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    Re: Investor Fear Chart

    And bulls just keep disappearing according to AAII. From 34% to start June to 22% to start July.

    Reported Date
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    Re: Investor Fear Chart

  18. Re: Goldman Sachs has done the math and a national mask mandate to halt the spread of

    Goldman has an incentive to prevent another shutdown. It seems their livelihood may depend on it.
  19. Re: Inflation may be muffled, but the business cycle isn’t dead yet

    From an interview with Man Group in FT. They close the article recommending investors purchase commodities. I say just buy tech.

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    Re: Time to Refinance Mortgage?

    Mortgage Rates Hit All-Time Record Low Heading into Holiday Weekend


    Mortgage Rates - Freddie Mac
  21. Re: 3 Ridiculously Cheap Dividend Stocks to Buy Today

    Always know the bear case before investing. WBA is a play on prescriptions but faces increasing competition from Rite Aid and online (AMZN?). TD comes with general bank ing risks in a near zero...
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    Re: tsptalk's Market Talk

    Black candle intra-day, but possible S&P bull flag breakout this week confirming your HYG charts.

  23. Re: Stocks Mixed in Light Volume, Dollar Extends Drop: Markets Wrap

    Quarter is over, I'm assuming the billion dollar selling wave hit the market already.
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    Re: Investor Fear Chart

    AAII Bears 49% to Bulls 24%.

    CNN gauge back to neutral bearish, barely.


    Sentiment appears to be cooling by both metrics, which is a good thing.
  25. Re: Gold and silver penny stocks could be next trader obsession

    Lots of risk with any individual gold miner that isn't KGC, NEM, AUY or GOLD. Might be best off just buying GDXJ for juniors. TSX is loaded with fly by night penny miners - many of them fraudulent....
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