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    Re: Where does the money go?

    I am guessing the check is in the mail
  2. EIC as a factor in TSP contribution choices

    As a active duty service member, I have built up a sizable TSP balance by maxing out my contributions. Also, I discovered that maxing out my TSP contribution would reduce my taxable income and often...
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    Re: TSP to have a ROTH option..

    Have we heard any updates on when the Roth TSP option will start? The official line on is 2011, but that info is from July 2010 and I have not heard any more recent updates.
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    Re: Contributing TOO Much to TSP?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I have been following the advice about the Roth for the last few years AND will continue to do so. In fact, I have been maxing out my wife's Roth as well. I have...
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    Contributing TOO Much to TSP?

    For the last couple years I have been maxing out my TSP contributions. This year I am considering contributing less, because my third child is about to be born. Since I provide the sole income for...
  6. Thread: I give up

    by FatMoneyClip

    Re: I give up

    Sure you have the default 1%, but you also have matching contributions... So yes, you "gotta love it!"

    There is nothing wrong with TSP (OK, except the limit on interfund transfers). What is...
  7. Re: TSP, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and a SEP IRA! Oh My!

    Thanks. I agree with your analysis. I asked the question here because my accountant said I "might not" be authorized to contribute to the SEP because of all the other retirement plans I contributed...
  8. TSP, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and a SEP IRA! Oh My!

    GOAL: Trying to reduce my AGI to smallest amount possible this year.
    Background: Military, Married, Spouse is a homemaker and I have a Real Estate business on the side (Self-employed).

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    Re: Deployment advice??

    Tax-free combat pay can be placed in a ROTH IRA.


    New Law Expands IRA Options for Military;...
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    Re: Deployment advice??

    Good advice. I made deposits into the SDP 2002-2003. Evertime I made a deposit, I found a scanner on the base, scanned the CCV and uploaded it to my AKO files server. That way, if I lost the...
  11. Re: Matching Funds for some recruits now available

    Though short on specifics, this to articles have verified that the "matching funds" doors are now open. It is unfortunate, that the Army cannot reward loyalty (I am do to REUP soon) with the same...
  12. Re: Matching Funds for some recruits now available

    New recruits in critical specialties eligible for matching TSP funds
    WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 17, 2006) – The Army announced April 14 that new recruits who are willing to fill critical...
  13. Matching Funds for some recruits now available

    April 14, 2006 - Army News Service
    Thrift Savings Plan offers tax benefits, matching funds for critical Army job

    The Army’s Thrift Savings Plan is now offering matching funds to new recruits...
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    I think you made a good call. With a new child and a rumored PCS move... I went a little more conservative: 20% ($573/month)

    If the PCS rumors go away in March, I will either go:

    1. 100% for...
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    Last year, I was able toincrease my 2005 TSP contribution in early December (9% to 10% of base pay). So far this month, I have been unable todesignate my 2006 TSP contribution. I intend to increase...
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    I have contributed the maximum percentage of basic pay authorized since TSP has been offered to military personnel. This year I contributed 10% of my basic pay for a total of @ $3,500 and I am trying...
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    Thanks Walli1 and Rod. It appears I truely misunderstood the benefits (or lack there of)of my tax-exempt contributions to the TSP. The TSP is still a great thing...just not as great as a thought. :'
  18. imported post

    Thank you for your response, Rod. I am still a little confused though. I thought another benefit of tax-exempt contributions wasthat theyGROW tax-exempt as well.:^ For example, two guys in a "tax...
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    Did a tour overseas andput about $2k in the TSP. On the website, it shows that I have a tax exempt balance. My question is: Where is the money?

    TSP.GOV does not show me which funds the tax exempt...
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