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  1. Re: Paul Tudor Jones says he likes bitcoin even more now, rally still in the 'first i

    He holds 1-2% of his total holdings in bitcoin. Yes, that's a lot of money, but relatively speaking, it's not much.

    The problem with articles like this is that individual investors read it as...
  2. Re: Cruise stocks drop, as Carnival on track to open at 5 1/2-year low

    Another bull case for cruise stocks, which are probably the only value besides oil stocks, is that if democrats take over, travel to Cuba will be back on the table. Once these travel fears subside...
  3. Re: Traders worry vaccine complacency is the new risk to the market

    There will be a vaccine of some degree. Whether yearly booster, one and done, or multiple shots, there will be something. Way too much riding on this one.

    Plus, things are a little more...
  4. Thread: Bitcoin

    by Bullitt

    Re: Bitcoin

    Users will be able to hold bitcoin in Paypal wallets in 2021.
  5. Re: Stocks rise - Stimulus deal possible by days end

    Doesn't look like a deal will happen. Neither side wants to the other to look good.

    Presidential election really isn't as important as everyone is making it out to be. It's more about Congress...
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    Re: Tsunami's Account Talk

    Looks like my health care plan is going up 5% - pretty much exact.
  7. Describe Your Current Asset Allocation and Forecast for Next Six Months

    According to Barron's big fund survey, it looks like current allocation is somewhere around 65 stocks, 35 bonds/cash. This is in line with my TSP allocation for most of the past 10 years. A few...
  8. Re: Brace yourself for mediocre stock market returns in the next decade

    Recent poll at Barrons below.

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    Re: S-Fund New Highs - Not Yet for Russell 2000

    Second week above previous highs.

  10. Thread: NAAIM

    by Bullitt

    Re: NAAIM

    NAAIM now at 102, only 3 points away from it's August top reading. Speculators have already poured back in the market.

    This means there is very limited fuel on the sidelines from a sentiment...
  11. Re: S&P 500 Sells Off in Last Hour, Wiping Out Gains Ahead of the Weekend

    Options expiration. Calls unloaded before the close. Let's not overthink this.
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    Re: DreamboatAnnie's Account Talk

    Agree. Buy a good laser printer and be done with it. It's 2020, and all inkjets are still garbage, but pay attention to how much the toner cartridges cost. Color is not cheap. (But your charts do...
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    Re: How should I invest my savings?

    Any debt is a drag on returns and lifestyle, especially so close to retirement. Think of it this way. That $300,000 sitting in a savings account might have an interest rate of 1%. The mortgage is...
  14. Re: Breadth Thrust: A Gigantic Bullish Indicator is Flashing

    Just read that of the "500", 174 (34%) have not risen more than 10% in 2020. 25 have gains of over 50%, and 26 have losses over 50%.

    176 (35%) of stocks in the 500 are down more than 10% this...
  15. Re: Hope dampens for a stimulus deal before election

    I think most people missed out on the March bottom and ended up chasing or sitting in overly safe allocations after selling in March. Most didn't plan on the unprecedented stimulus having any effect...
  16. Thread: Twitter

    by Bullitt

    Re: Twitter

    Twitter now at 44-45, same level as the price normal people could have bought the IPO.

    I don't think the Section 230 threats will make a difference to it's long term struggle. Irony here is TWTR...
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    Re: Marijuana Stocks?

    Marijuana stocks are back on the menu with the election. With a Biden win some say Americans will be as high as Canadians before you know it.

    Marijuana will likely be legalized to some degree in...
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    Re: Robinhood is raking in record cash

    Robintrack might be coming back.
  19. Breadth Thrust: A Gigantic Bullish Indicator is Flashing

    Seems many are "going to cash" due to "uncertainty" come the election just as we get this.

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    Poll: Re: Maricar19 Account Talk

    Don't forget about the 5 year rule in Roth IRA. You need to have an established account for over 5 years before withdrawing from it. Open the Roth IRA tonight if you haven't already.

    The tax hit...
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    Re: Frixxxx's Account Talk!

    I said somewhere else on this MB that I'm impressed by the 40 year olds with $1M, not the late 50 early 60 year olds. It's not that hard if you've contributed over many years. See chart below. ...
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    Re: New and SO Lost!

    Don't change a thing unless you think your husband will be retiring at a later date. It will take years until you start to move the needle in a 401k. The ones who say they are TSP millionaires...
  23. Re: Hope dampens for a stimulus deal before election

    Whether it's direct or an absolute bloated mess, there will have to be some kind of stimulus in 2021.

    Six months and out, it's going to hinge on tax policy and COLA.
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    Re: Health Insurance

    Aww man what a mess. And I'm sure when you called you got some dumb message like, "Due to these unforeseen times, call wait times might be a little longer." Like it's any more effort to answer a...
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    Re: Cryto Hot Wallets and other good coins

    What are you using for a wallet? What about the fees associated with transferring from exchange to wallet? How do you keep your cost basis for the tax man?

    Most often times it's the person...
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