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    Re: Gold Breaking Out

    Depending on where that reverse H&S neckline is, the pattern could be complete or have more to run, but it's breaking down in this chart.

  2. Re: Early Peloton Investor Sells a Big Block of Stock

    Who's going to want to ride a $2,500 bike indoors when it's 10x better outdoors?

    Short sellers (in an already heavily shorted stock) will be jumping into the new downtrend as the weather has...
  3. Re: Passengers may hate airlines, but investors love them (even United)

    UAL, first close above 50 DMA since December 2019 after breaking out from a declining trendline on huge volume spike.

  4. Re: Dow Futures Rebound As Recovery Hopes Trump Vaccine Concerns; All 50 States Now E

    MRNA down over 30% from it's black candle high.


    Heavyweight MRK just announced today that they've been in the race to find a vaccine as well, but those waiting for a vaccine to go...
  5. Re: Boeing Is One of Just Two Commercial Jet Makes. Its 737 Max Woes Won’t Change Tha

    Boeing, a Dow component, will help elevate all aircraft related stocks from LMT to FDX to DAL.
  6. Re: Hertz Files For U.S. Bankruptcy Protection

    Volume absolutely through the roof today as HTZ craters 80% from already decimated levels. Everyone that could get a bid unloaded it today.

  7. Thread: Dow Theory

    by Bullitt

    Re: Dow Theory

    Dow theory validated the current bull market as both DJIA / TRAN made new cycle highs at the close today. Both managed to make these new cycle highs after their respective secondary reactions lower....
  8. Re: Boeing Is One of Just Two Commercial Jet Makes. Its 737 Max Woes Won’t Change Tha

    Dow component BA at $144 clear breakout from wedge pattern to the upside. This stock was dumped heavily by institutions. They will pile in again based on this chart pattern.

  9. Bored Retail Investors Not ‘Main Driving Force’ Behind Stock Surge, One Bank Says

    "...there is still a short base in equities to be covered".
  10. Re: Contact Tracing Is Coming to the U.S. to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus. What

    What? We have nothing in common with people of Wuhan.

    Happy Memorial Day. #endtheshutdown
  11. Re: Hertz Files For U.S. Bankruptcy Protection

    Carl Icahn holds 38% of Hertz's outstanding shares. Wonder what he thinks about a bankruptcy.
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    Re: USO United States Oil

    Dieing a slow death.
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    Re: tsptalk's Market Talk
  14. Re: Escrow Increase: Pay in full or over course of year

    We're probably just going to average it in this time.

    I looked back and there were some years we had increases and others got money back. I understand where they are coming from in having a...
  15. Re: Escrow Increase: Pay in full or over course of year

    Our house will be paid off before you retire in 2023. Once that happens, the escrow account will be gone too. I don't think these accounts are a bad thing. It does pay interest, but in a zero...
  16. Escrow Increase: Pay in full or over course of year

    We were notified we have an escrow shortage (mortgage company requires a large buffer) and we can pay the shortage in full or over 12 months. In the past when this has happened, we've paid it...
  17. Thread: Negative Oil?

    by Bullitt

    Re: Negative Oil?

    June contract expires this afternoon. Doesn't look like it will be closing negative.
  18. Thread: Vaccine rally?

    by Bullitt

    Re: Vaccine rally?

    There goes that 61.8% Fibonacci retracement that everyone thought would be a major barrier. NDX looking to close that gap higher sooner than later.

    It's a very hated bull market climbing a wall...
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    Re: 2020 L Fund Ending what now?

    The L2020 will roll into the L-Income fund.

    Depending on age, you may want more invested in stocks than that 21% or so that L-Income allocates. Unfortunately, zero interest rates really leave no...
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    Re: Advice please home/tsp in retirement

    If you still want (or need) the new house, sell the old house ASAP and roll whatever isn't used on closing costs, down payment and minor improvements into a balanced portfolio.

    Don't become a...
  21. Re: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki: ‘Pray for the best, prepare for the worst’

    Such conviction. I'm sure some people will take this as sign to put half their life savings into BTC lottos.
  22. Re: Don’t be like Warren Buffett — avoid value stocks for now

    The 'smartest' of 'smart' money unveils their report card:

    Latest reporting shows Berkshire really did bail out of LUV, AAL, UAL, DAL.

    They also unloaded 84% of their GS holdings. Must not...
  23. Re: 'It's smart to follow the smart money' on Wall Street: Miller Tabak strategist

    I looked over a bunch of 13F's from recent filings and the common theme was to chase momentum stocks. I do not consider this 'smart money'. It might be big money, but it's no 'smarter' than anyone...
  24. Re: 'It's smart to follow the smart money' on Wall Street: Miller Tabak strategist

    Wonder why he's saying that when he did so much buying in Q1.

    Among the newly opened positions by David Tepper of Appaloosa Management were TSLA, TWTR, NFLX, QCOM and MSFT during the past...
  25. Re: Hedge-fund titan David Tepper says stock market is ‘second-most overvalued’ he’s

    More important news from Tepper:
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