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Thread: Retirement and Coronavirus

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    Thought I would drop an update:

    Home visits are slowly picking up. About 5-10 a week now. Got a couple of low ball offers, but I would rather wait on Zillow than take either of them (Zillow should come online once the virus clears). I found another company, Offerup, which seems to have a program similar (and with better reviews) to Zillow. Of course, they are on hiatus as well.

    I think I have a fair price, and the home is well placed in the market, so I'm willing to wait.

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    Well, lo and behold, I got an offer from a pre-qualified buyer that is right at what I wanted to get for the home, 7k less than my asking price, which is exactly what I marked it up (since everyone needs to feel they got a deal and talked the seller down). The "take home" would be enough to pay off the new home and do some upgrades. Oh, it would be the Zillow offer by 13k.

    So, I signed the papers today. Assuming the inspection, appraisal, and everything holds, I would have the closing on the exact day that I'm forced to retire (buyer picked the day). So, I'm "cautiously" optimistic at this point. I'm a bit worried it may not appraise high enough; cross your fingers.

    So, you can sell a home now! The offer being exactly what I wanted to get, and the closing set for my last day at work - coincidence? I'll just say thanks to the good Lord.

    Even if it falls through, this is a great sign!

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    Called Zillow yesterday, they are still not buying homes, estimated 30-45 days.

    Another company, Offerpad, which actually has better reviews, is now buying homes, but not yet in my area. Since I'm in an are that was hit more than many (Miami), this makes sense.

    Just posted this as an FYI, my home is under contract and hopefully I won't need these services.

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    Good news about your house.

    Homes around here are averaging less then a month on the market and they are sold or pending.
    May the force be with us.

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    Quick update.

    A buyer came and offered more than I was asking. We signed the papers the first week of June. The ups and downs were terrible, and very stressful; much of which was blamed on the virus.

    Finally closed yesterday! Thank God!

    So, yes, things are still rolling. I got more than I was asking, and to be honest, was blessed that the home appraised high enough to make the deal go through. Things are slow and difficult, but you can sell your home during the virus.

    Thank you all for your advice and well wishes.

    p.s. I'm now in the dilemma of: Pay off the new home with the proceeds of the sale, or possibly pay off part, or just make payments and invest/enjoy the money. I have a thread about that and would welcome any advice.

    Thanx again, and good luck to anyone reading this that is trying to sell a home.

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