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Thread: USAA As My "Go-To"

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    If any of you have read my posts, you know I'm a "Big Fan" of USAA...I have many different products of theirs, and have, for years !!! Heck...they're paying me a "Senior Bonus" now !!!

    Just wanted to relate my latest interaction with them : I have held a term life insurance policy with them, for a LONG time...bought when we were young and worried about long term finances...

    We decided that it was time to stop paying the higher premium...just don't need term life anymore ! My investments in our retirement accounts, and a small whole life policy given to me by my Uncle, will bury me, and will cover any projected needs for the Wife.

    So I called USAA and told them I was letting that policy lapse...I figured I'd get a hard sell, trying to continue, or convert me to some other life insurance product...NOPE !!! The rep said "Well, I can't stop the system emails that say "pay your premium", but just ignore'll lapse in 2 months, after the grace period, and there won't be any negative entry on your credit report..." JUST what I wanted to hear !!!

    I'm still really liking this Company !!!

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USAA As My "Go-To"
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