Well, I know that I started a similar thread on this a while back but can not find it.

I am thinking of taking my beneficiary TSP account and transferring it to my Vanguard IRA. Trying to get some thoughts on this. The TSP is nice but I am never able to make the percentage I want to year in/out while my vanguard account always over performs my expectations. The difference between the two is about 4% Vanguard being 12.5% over the past six years and the TSP being about 8% for the same period. I am 49 right now and have 11 years until I want to retire. 4% adds up real fast times 11 years. Because this TSP account is a spouse death benefit TSP I believe that I am allowed to move all of this money, which is a significant amount, into my Vanguard IRA account with no penalties nor taxes. Please correct me if I am wrong on that. I am going to talk to a financial advisor tomorrow, which my place of business is providing free of charge,in regards to this. But any questions or concerns I can get from this forum would be greatly appreciated.